Yankee Memories….Game 2 1995 Division Series. Donnie Goes Long!

Donnie Baseball forever

Wednesday October 4th 1995

Game 2 of the 1995 Division Series was only my second playoff game that I had ever attended. Unfortunately I did not attend Game 1 of that series because it fell on Yom Kippor, and if you are Jewish like I am you would know that even though the Yanks had not been in a playoff game since 1981, you simply can not go to a game on the holiest day of the year (Ask Sandy Koufax) But for me personally the Baseball Stars were in alignment that frigid October night. My Father and I broke the fast at a McDonalds on our way up to the stadium. The Bronx was buzzing, the Yanks had taken Game One the previous night 9 to 6 and postseason fever was finally back in the Bronx.  The game was one for the ages, a real heavyweight fight with many lead changes. No one would be going to bed early that night as the game went into extra innings. 15 Long innings! In the 12th the Yanks went down by a run only to come back and tie it in the bottom of the 12th. And in the 15th, with the rain and sleet coming down hard in the Boogie Down, Jim Leyritz sent a blast into the seats and sent the Stadium faithful into a frenzy. I will never forget the excitement and joy of that night, Thankfully it would be the first of many late inning celebrations that myself and my father would witness. But at the time It was the first..at least for me. But Perhaps the most special moment of that night was Donnie Baseball hitting his one and only Postseason home run.. Glad I was There!!!!!!!!!We MIss You Donnie Baseball

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