The Jackson Nephews….SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!

The Grammys Were Terrible!!

Forget about the lousy performances of songs that are at least a year old, forget about Lady Gaga and her insane hat, and forget about my man Dave Matthews getting robbed for Album Of The Year. I think the scariest sight of the evening, even scarier than PINK spinning for like 15 minutes dripping wet from the rafters of the Staple Center, was the sight of Michael Jackson’s Nephews. These clowns all looked plastic and scary, now MJ’s kids are cute , although Mikes son did scare me a bit with his pre-pube just about to come in mustache but nonetheless the scary sight of the Jackson Nephews is worth another look.

The shot below is from when these guys had a group call 3T

The Jackson Nephews

4 Responses to “The Jackson Nephews….SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. Johanna Rolfe Says:

    OMG….. i sooo love your song and i soooo love the Jackson…..

  2. “Don’t be hating” They are beautiful! I would love to run into them one day.

  3. you are a jerk with nothing to do with your life and you probally loook like the bottom of a shoe after its been run over, stepped in poop, chewed on by a dog, thrown out twice, a hobo found it and didnt want, left in the street and baked by the sun…..GET A LIFE!!!!!….because those young men are SEXY…and if they look like plastic it’s because there pratically perfect in every dimesion….~thank you~

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