LOST….Season 6 starts tonight!

Its the beginning of the end for Lost.  The show is one of the best and certainly the most confusing shows I have ever watched. I have dedicated almost 6 years of my life to trying to figure out what on earth is happening on this Island.  All I will say is this, the LOST creators better answer all the questions the millions of hardcore fans have. The recap show starts at 8pm and Season 6 starts at 9pm with a two hour premier episode!

LOST Season 6 Tonight
These are some of my big questions…

Will Jin and Sun be reunited?

Why was Sun not transported to the past?

Is Locke really dead?

The Smoke Monster?

Why does Richard never age?

Where the hell has Claire been?

Who does Kate Pick..Jack Or Sawyer?
I could go on and on and on… I just hope we start getting answers and quickly!!

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