Dinner at Co. (Company)


Great Pizza

Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with the THREE BEST FRIENDS at Co. (Company).

Co. is a cute little 54 seat spot in Chelsea. The menu basically consists of a variety of EXCELLENT personal pizzas. The pizzas are 11 inches and round. There were 4 of us and we shared 3 pizzas and a wonderful meat tasting plate as an appetizer. The decor is mostly wooden,  communal tables allowed me to sit next to some hipsters from Williamsburg and an intensely involved couple (seated so close I could have hugged both groups) .  Co. has some interesting NYC micro brews on tap.  The combo of  Classic Tribe Called Quest and Inxs on the speakers gave this place a very  laid back vibe. I certainly recommend stopping in for a pie or 3!!

As New York Magazine puts it  ” Not exactly old-school pizza, but the undeniable mark of potential pizza greatness.”

Co. is owned by Jim Lahey of Sullivan St Bakery

2 Responses to “Dinner at Co. (Company)”

  1. def a LOVE on my list!! where is dinner with the 3 best friends next week?

  2. Co. was truly delish….Loved it…Come with your own grated cheese though, or else it will cost you : )

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