Are you Totally “LOST” ?

Since the Tuesday night premiere of Season Six of  the ABC hit series “LOST” I have been trying to find both the courage and quite frankly the mental stamina to even write about the premier episode titled “LA X”

Prior to the episode ABC aired an hour recap show, which makes a rather futile attempt to refresh the memory of the long time hardcore faithful and perhaps even attract some new viewers. NEW VIEWERS…I DONT THINK SO PEOPLE….THAT SHIP HAS SAILED (and exploded I might

When me and my better half were watching this , we could not help but laugh as the producers attempted to put 5 seasons worth of insanity , of twists &  turns, time travel, love triangles, polar bears, mysterious black smoke and well you get the picture. Just watching the recap made my head spin and I have never missed a single episode EVER!

But little could prepare me for what the producers would deliver for the start of Season 6….AN ENTIRE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE where the Oceanic Jet Liner never crashes and on top of that insanity, they introduce an entire new cast of Maroon Clad “OTHERS” living in a Temple that no one has ever seen…How many fucking people live on this damn island anyway. The show , simply put is nothing short of Madness (but in a great way)

It might sound like I am complaining and in a way I am , the truth is I am always complaining about “LOST” .   In Fact after every single episode I curse Carlton and Damon (executive producers and writers) and wonder aloud or to myself..”what the fuck is this show about?” But in the very next breath I say.. “GENIUS”… and it is Genius, or at least I damn well hope it is. The creators of “LOST” are mad scientist scribes, and I have faith that on May 23rd when they air the Final Episode I will be happy I gave 6 years of my life to this wonderful and frustratingly addictive adventure.

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