Aziz Ansari Live at COMIX (Recap)

Last night I ventured out to Comix , a great Comedy club in the heart of the Meatpacking district. My man Aziz Ansari and some of his friends put on an AMAZING two hour non stop laugh riot. Aziz was hysterical, now I have never seen him live before but I would certainly now go see him again. His voice ( he is from South Carolina) His look (He is of Indian descent) and his wonderful knowledge of POP culture (He is a huge “LOST”  fan) made for just a really fun evening. He did an entire bit in the voice of his alter ego RANDEEEE (who you might know from the Judd Apatow film “Funny People”) doing nothing but referencing “Lost”

There is something very likeable and just plainly funny about Aziz Ansari, his delivery is flawless. If you want two hours of good old fashion laughter…See Aziz Ansari live.

Now Aziz was also kind enough to bring along three of his friends to open for him and all three of them were HYSTERICAL also. (Links Below)

John Mulaney

Hannibal Burress

Todd Barry

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