Mardi Gras 2010….3 Weeks Long???

Mardi Gras Just Got a A Little Longer!!!

Bourbon Street

I have had the distinct pleasure of going to Mardi Gras on 4 separate occasions , each year more insane than the next. With a best friend at TULANE University, the annual trip during my college years was an incredible highlight that I think of often.

But in the year 2010, just hours after the Saints won the first Superbowl in the history of the Franchise….MARDI GRAS has come early. And with the official start of the greatest party on the planet still  7 days away , its safe to say Bourbon Street will be mayhem for the next few weeks and in the N.O. trust me when I say the party goes all day and all night.  As I said last night, this city deserves it!

One Response to “Mardi Gras 2010….3 Weeks Long???”

  1. Actually, the Mardi Gras season runs from Jan 6 – the day before Ash Wednesday, but the part you all really care about is the party on Bourbon Street, which never really ends. What a game last night!

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