Saints Win

Tonight was a great night not only for Football fans everywhere but also a great night for America and of course most importantly the city of New Orleans.  Hurricane Katrina was a real American tragedy that will be discussed and debated for years to come. Americans looks at the tragedy in Haiti and as terrible as it is , it still feels distant. Katrina happened right here in our backyard, an event most proud Americans could never have dreamt would happen within the borders of our great Nation. BUT…It did happen and the city has been rebuilding ever since.

The Superbowl is arguably the biggest single day sporting event in the world and with the media spotlight back on the N.O. this team rose to the occasion , and put the city on its back and the Saints faithful rode Drew Brees, Jeremy Schockey and Reggie Bush all the way to the Super Bowl Championship and gave the wonderful city of New Orleans something to brag about and cherish forever..They Certainly DESERVE IT!!

This is why I LOVE AMERICA!!

2 Responses to “SAINTS WIN!!”

  1. It was a great game. Manning was not sharp and the Saints D expoited that and came up big.

  2. Go Saints! Matthew…I could not agree with your sentiment more. The City of N.O. really needed a moral boost….what better than a Super Bowl win!

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