The Heart Attack Grill

The Menu

The Heart Attack Grill….Fat People Eat For Free!!

After the Superbowl feast I prepared yesterday,  and it was a FEAST!!!  For some reason Fara and I decided it would be smart to throw on the Travel Channel   and watch a little “Man vs. Food”

Fortunately I happened to put on the travel channel a few minutes early and caught some other show about eating in Burger joints (the name of the show escapes me.)

But what does not escape me is the burger joint highlighted on this particular evening.   “THE HEART ATTACK GRILL”

Ah yes “THE HEART ATTACK GRILL” is a very real restaurant located in the booming metropolis of Chandler, Arizona. This joint is a hospital themed restaurant where your waitress is a “NURSE” your orders are “PRESCRIPTIONS” and the customers are…well what else “PATIENTS”

The menu includes “Double” , “Triple” , and “Quadruple Bypass” Hamburgers The Quadruple weighing in with 8000 Calories!! The “Flatliner Fries” are cooked in pure lard. And if the massive killer burgers and death fries are not enough, they also sell Unfiltered Cigarettes and Jolt Cola.

But the real kicker is this. If you weigh over 350 Pounds….YOU EAT FOR FREE!!!

Ok granted I just got a full physical and my doctor instructed me to work out, diet and just be mindful of my health in general, but if I happen to find myself in Chandler, Arizona..I am having the “QUADRUPLE BYPASS”

The HEART ATTACK GRILL was Founded in 2005 by Cardiologist Dr. Jon Basso .

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