20 years Ago Today…Buster Douglas Knocks Out Mike Tyson!!!

Iron Mike vs. Buster Douglas

February 11, 1990 Tokyo Japan

I remember the night vividly, my best friend Oliver and I were all set for a huge night of sports. Not only was the unstoppable Iron Mike Tyson fighting live from Tokyo, but it was also the night of the NBA Slam Dunk (won by Dominique Wilkins) and Three Point Shootout.

But the fight was the real highlight, Iron Mike live from Tokyo fighting Buster Douglas. Tyson was undefeated at the time and considered almost unbeatable. Odds makers had Tyson as a 42-1 favorite.  From the opening bell it seemed Tyson  did not have his heart in the fight, even when knocking Douglas to the canvas in the 8th. Buster Douglas was able to come back and knock Tyson out for good in the 10th.  The Victory by Douglas is still considered one of the greatest upsets in Boxing History!

The loss to Douglas was the start of a long , downward spiral for Tyson: In 1992 he was convicted on Rape Charges and served three years in prison. Tyson did eventually claim the WBC Heavyweight Title but then lost the title to Evander Holyfield. And who can forget the rematch when Tyson BIT OFF Holyfields ear.

That Saturday night in February 1990 will always  stick out in my mind as a classic sports evening and a boxing upset most fight fans will NEVER FORGET!

Shout out to my boy Oliver Brodlieb!!

Check The Video for the CLASSIC KO!!!!!!

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