Slam Dunk Time!!



Now I have to admit, the NBA becomes less and less interesting year after year.  Maybe its because I live in NY and the Knicks have been terrible since the days of Patrick, or maybe its because the league is just full of thugs that play no D and get paid astronomical amounts of money.  Or maybe its because there are only like 4 teams in the Eastern Conference with a winning record. Well no matter what the woes of the NBA are….there is still one weekend every year that I get excited for..ALL STAR WEEKEND.

It makes me think of the days of Dominique and Jordan and polyester shorts that were just way to small , the classic image of Larry Bird sinking another 3 to win back to back 3 point shootout titles. Magic winning the MVP after being diagnosed with HIV ,  Spud Webb, Kenny “Sky” Walker,  and more Jordan!! Mike winning the MVP in Chi-town.  Fine I miss the NBA of the 80s, but we still have Lebron and Dwight, and Dwade and of course little Nate going for his 3rd Slam Dunk Title….should be fun.

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