P.J. Clarke’s

915 3rd Avenue

P.J. Clarke’s is over 125 years old and its a certainly a pretty cool NYC landmark. I hit the Lincoln Center location on my UWS excursion this weekend.  On a cold and shiny New York Saturday , I warmed up with the New England clam chowder and finished with some oysters on the half shell. I just really enjoy the decor and historical aspect of P.J. Clarke’s. Its what I picture a bustling New York circa 1924 to be like.

Now of course the real landmark is the 3rd Avenue location. The history of what is dubbed the “Holdout Building” is very interesting . Check out the story at the P.J. Clarke’s website.

Regardless of the location you hit up, have the cheeseburger…its a classic!

P.J. Clarke’s established 1884!!


One Response to “P.J. Clarke’s”

  1. Can you please stop writing about this friggin cheeseburger! It is making me so hungry (for the second time now) and you know we don’t have burgers like that in the Jerzee : (

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