I, Alex Cross


I, Alex Cross

I just finished the latest , well almost latest offering from James Patterson; I, Alex Cross. The next chapter in the never ending saga of Washington D.C. Detective Alex Cross.

People say reading Patterson is a guilty pleasure, but I dont feel guilty as much as I feel like  I could literally read another book while reading a Patterson book, like literally at the same time, and still be able to follow the Patterson story perfectly.  He does not require your full attention, and that is really what makes Patterson work.

But at the end of the day the truth is…. I am a CUSTOMER, if Patterson writes it, I seem to be buying it. To say that James Patterson is prolific is the understatement of the year. He puts out an average of 9 new books every year. Cmon 9 books in a year. I mean the print is huge and each chapter is only like three quarters of a page but one man can’t possibly write so much. And yet Mr. Patterson  continues to knock em out. He has three very real franchises within his repertoire; The Alex Cross Series, The Womens’ Murder Club , and now a series following NYC Detective Michael Bennett (father of ten).

According to a great New York Times Article about Patterson and his publishing empire, he even writes one novel unrelated to any of his signature franchises for release during the summer months, always murder and suspense and  always a plotline that takes place near the beach. That is all James Patterson requires to write a novel, the beach!

But again I can’t stop, and neither can most of my family. My guess is between my mother , my sister and myself, we each purchase at least one copy EACH for every one of James Pattersons’ releases. I was never strong in math, but at 9 releases a year, the Marcus family in 2009 bought 27 James Patterson hardcover books. And I am sure my dad was good for a Kindle download or two.

Your welcome James, keep em coming!

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  1. You should be the writer, perhaps you can help Patterson with his next book.

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