UFC 110 Australia – Cain Velazquez Kills!



The UFC made its debut in the land down under Saturday night, well at least it was Saturday night in NYC, in Sidney Australia it was Sunday afternoon but that did not stop the ACER Areana to be sold out 20k Deep. The UFC is quickly going global in a serious way, they tackle the Middle East in Apil.

The bottom line of this night is that Cain Velazquez is about to become a household name and Frank Mir, Shane Carwin and every other heavyweight in the UFC better recognize the kid is a beast. He took out Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira with ease, and that was using his stand up. You too BROCK LESNAR…watch out!!

The overall card was a good  one, The Wanderlai Silva vs Michael Bisping middle weight bout was the match I was most excited for,  and the Ax Murder did not disappoint. The fight was tight until the final 10 seconds of the round 3 when the Ax Murderer just unleashed on Bisping.

The whole card had a blue collar brawler feel to it, with Keith Jardine, Stephen Bonnar and Joe “Daddy” all fighting. All three guys have fought the top of their weight divisions and just never quit….Incidententally though all three lost their bouts on this night.

Ryan Bader (winner of the Ultimate Fighter Season 8) took out Jardine and cemented his place in the 205 division. Stephen Bonnar got opened up and bloodied by Krzysztof Soszynski and the fight was stopped due to a massive cut on Bonnar’s head caused by an unintentional headbutt.

The coming months in the UFC will be very interesting with both the Welterweight and Interim Heavyweight Titles up for grabs at UFC 111 in Newark NJ and then the big show in the middle east as the UFC heads to Abu Dhabi for UFC 112. That night both BJ Penn and Anderson Silva will defend their titles!

Like I said the UFC is well on its way to becoming a truly global promotion!!

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