DE LORENZO’S Tomato Pies – Trenton NJ


If you happen to be in TRENTON  New Jersey anytime soon then you MUST stop by the legendary DE LORENZO’S TOMATO PIES. This spot is the definition of OLD SCHOOL! This is more than a  pizza place, it’s a pizza institution , albeit a pizza institution with no public restroom (more on that later)

DE LORENZO’S was a favorite of my Uncle Bobby , who swore up and down that this was the best pizza on the planet. My Uncle Bobby was right on the money.

But at De Lorenzo’s you are not getting a pizza pie, you are getting a Tomato Pie and there is a difference. The secret recipe is so old it dates back to 1936.

In 1947 “Chick” De Lorenzo opened what would become a real  Trenton NJ landmark location and 63 years later, the De Lorenzo family is still making those sweet Tomato Pies (now at two different locations)

Chick & Sophie De Lorenzo 1951

But you must go to the original location at 530 Hudson Street,  if for no other reason than there is NO MENU. They sell only delicious Tomato Pies ( no slices) But who needs selection when you have wonderful Tomato Pies to eat right?. The spot is so small you literally eat in the kitchen, which is just fine. Being only a few feet away from an oven as old as Moses and a rotary telephone that still rings like its 1947, its a bit like eating in a time machine. Famous italian legends grace the walls (they had me with the classic pictures of Joe D. and Yogi eating at the restaurant)

Oh and yeah there is no bathroom for the public. De Lorenzo’s is so old, that the law actually does not require the restaurant to have a restroom. That is OLD SCHOOL. But do not fret , there is a lovely train station close by with a more than adequate Mens room.

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies is thin crust at its finest, as the saying goes:  “Trenton Makes, The World Takes”

Trentons’ De Lorenzo’s is worth taking.

2 Responses to “DE LORENZO’S Tomato Pies – Trenton NJ”

  1. Mamma mia, how are the roasted peppers?

  2. Any kind of peppers are fine with me!

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