Tanuki Tavern NYC –

Tanuki Tavern NYC

Skip it and go to Benihana!!!!!!!!

I had the pleasure of getting together with a big group of friends this past Saturday Night at the Tanuki Tavern. The only thing interesting about this spot is that it’s located in the Gansevoort Hotel in the heart of the meatpacking district, so there is plenty of action as soon as you step outside. Inside I was not too impressed.

They stuck my party of 7 upstairs in the deepest corner of the restaurant. Now for me personally, when I go out to these spots, half the fun is the people watching. The only people I got to see were the other 6 in my party (check that..5 if you count my sister who has her own unique concept of time) So literally I could have been almost anywhere, I got no sense of the decor or even what type of crowd was there that evening. My buddy Oliver put it best when he said “It’s like they knew we were going to be the loud, obnoxious bunch when they stuck us up here”

Anyway the food was fair at best, a little too heavy on the spicy mayo which appeared to be on everything. I have little more to say about the Tanuki Tavern because my experience there was truly uneventful. I was more curious about what was happening across the street at Bills Burger Barn or whatever its called..

All that being said, here is the what the Tanuki Tavern website states:

“Tanuki Tavern, a Japanese gastropub and sushi bar in the heart of the Meatpacking District, takes its name from the mischievous and jolly creature of Japanese folklore while the atmosphere draws its inspiration from a Japanese izakaya. With its light wood interior, glowing paper lanterns and eclectic indie soundtrack, Tanuki Tavern’s casual and convivial vibe is great for a quick bite, leisurely meal or late night snack.”

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  1. Very fuuny comment about Cort

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