The DrakeOver

I make no secret at all that my man Drake is a beast , a real triple threat. He can rap, He can sing and he can…well I dont know maybe he is simply a double threat…I will say this, Its been a minute since there has been a debut album (No his itunes ep does not count) with this much anticipation. Reminds me a bit of waiting for Snoop to drop in 94 (but that might be taking it a bit far) The good folks at HypeTrack got the first single for our listening pleasure….Looking forward to hearing more Drizzzzzzy!

Drake – Over

Click on the link to HYPETRACK and peep it.

drake over hypetrak Drake   Over

After months of sharing verses with today’s top-selling recording artists and constantly postponing his long-awaited debut album “Thank Me Later” Drake is finally ready to present his first single. Entitled “Over” Drake is in full Drizzy-mode giving a recap of his eventful past year over the Boi-1da laced track. This is certainly not the radio-joint people have expected, but it is a solid effort that leaves one wanting to finally hear his full opus that is slated to appear in May.

One Response to “The DrakeOver”

  1. he is absolutely a triple threat. don’t forget how this kid got his start…acting. I have actually watched him on Degrassi…and he was pretty good. Love Drake!

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