Social Distancing???

I like surprises!

Today I was surprised to see an interesting  sign in the reception area at a very prominent fashion house. I found it so funny, that i snapped a flick. Not exactly appropriate for a business meeting, but hey I gots to get the information to my peoples.

As you can see above the picture is a bit blurry (yes the camera function on the blackberry is terrible)

The signs says….



Help Support  SOCIAL DISTANCING to stop the spread of seasonal germs

Now I get the whole swine flu thing and I understand that the spread of germs is a legit concern for everyone, but how do you react to such a thing. When my potential client came out to greet me, I was confused as to how I should conduct myself, clearly I was not giving this lady a hug (since we never met) but should I shake her hand? Clearly her company is very into the whole social distancing thing.

Maybe I should just hit her with the Obama/Howie Mandell fist bump, or perhaps I should have  just thrown her an elbow or just go full Japanese and bow! Even Dr. Sanjay Gupta of CNN fame actually coined the term “el bump” (for the elbow greeting )

Luckily , this girl was cool and we shook hands and when I asked her about the sign , she too thought it was ridiculous.

Giving people a high five, a pound, a handshake…call it what you will, is part of being human. It’s a way to show affection and to be polite. A nice greeting can make a persons day (ok maybe not a whole day, but you get the point)

For an individual I suppose social distancing is fine, that is your prerogative. But for a company to have a sign in their lobby and waiting room suggesting you don’t shake hands is just plain crazy talk and cant be terribly good for business either.

So next time you see me forget the social distancing and Lets Just Hug It Out!!!!!!!!!

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