Jean-Charles de Castelbajac aka JC/DC

Paris is like a bit of a home away from home for my family, every Dec 22nd we fly out to the city of lights and take in a week of intense luxury, ridiculous eating and irresponsible shopping..but hey that is the MARCUS way…

Now me personally I like to hit as many sneaker spots as I can, you never know what colorway you might find in a euro only limited release etc, so during one of my kick excursions 4 years ago I stumbled across a boutique which was pretty much like nothing I had ever seen before. On a somewhat quiet side street, I was suddenly blinded by a window with the sharpest yellow colors you can imagine.  And below what I can only describe as a fashionable womans fireman outfit was a couch….A COUCH MADE OF TEDDY BEARS!!!

And so for the first time I walked into the world of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac also knows as JC/DC!

The Store is like one huge colorful work of art and the clothes match the feeling of the boutique.

Now the truth is I have never actually purchased anything for myself at Castelbajac, the few mens pieces I have seen at the Paris location just did not fit me, but as a designer and as really an artist, the guy is pretty fascinating. And though I am certainly no fashionista, I would have figured that he would get some mainstream play here in the states. Perhaps he has and I missed it.

But thankfully the peeps at Hypebeast (who are so on top of their game) featured some new pieces from his mens line , which in turn led me to write this post. Now after doing a little research it seems like JC/DC has carved out a pretty amazing career. Dressing Madonna in an infamous teddy bear coat and doing some pretty crazy looking work inspired by LEGO.

The new mens pieces (particularly the varsity jacket) featured below are pretty fresh and perhaps not as loud as some of his other creations. Jean Charles de Castelbajac is truly an artist. I am glad I came across his work!!

3 Responses to “Jean-Charles de Castelbajac aka JC/DC”

  1. Here’s to the Marcus Family tradition…..Fabulous !!!
    12/22/10 off to Paris.

  2. jcdc fan Says:

    jcdc is cool! and so is his time collection. go check this out!

  3. jcdc fan:
    You should check out his online store!!! Go to

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