Mike Vallely Iphone App


Mike Vallely never stops and his new iphone/ipod touch app is no exception.  The Mike V “Do or Die” iphone app is perfect for skaters (and former skaters) to get their shred on when they just cant get grab their deck and roll , like at work for instance (LOL)

Now I am a bit biased when it comes to Mike V and anything branded with his name, but this app is the real deal. I have tried multiple skate apps for my touch and this is the best and most realistic I have seen to date. Roll over to the Mike Vallely dedicated site for the app for more info or simply hit Apple and dload .

Lets be honest who deserves an app more than Mike Vallely!

Check out the trailer for the app…

In other Mike V news , it seems like the good folks over at Powell took my suggestion (and I am sure thousands of others) and chose to go with the Black colorway on the Mike Vallely Elephant Re-issue deck.  Yes I will be grabbing this deck for the collection and yes it will be my 5th colorway for this model.

It’s a classic so cop it!

Mike Vallely Powell in Black

For everything else Mike Vallely related just hit up the site at Mike Vallely Dot Com!

One Response to “Mike Vallely Iphone App”

  1. Hey!
    these re-issues are nice, but i have an original in mint-condition. let me know if you are interested.

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