March Madness….The Boss Button?

Ok so March Madness is starting like…now…literally now. Its 11:51am and all the peeps in my office have brackets filled out, money in the pot and ready on our desktops.

In a March Madness conversation with some co-workers yesterday, I was informed that Business in the United States takes a 3 BILLION Dollar hit regarding productivity with employees….as crazy as that sounds I believe it.

And guess what.. CBS is in on the action for real. This year all the games can be watched for free on and of course on CBS Network TV if you happen to be near a television.

But CBS has added a very unique and for the CEO’s out there very disturbing feature to their desktop video player….THE BOSS BUTTON.

If you happen to be checking in to see how Old Dominion is fairing against Notre Dame and your boss walks by, simply click the BOSS BUTTON on your screen and the game disappears and some random ORG chart pops up giving the appearance that you are actually doing work.  What will they think of next?

But March Madness is a great American event, and even if you don’t watch college hoops, you can simply guess your picks based on uniform colors and probably have a chance to win the pool.

And all the while your boss will be none the wiser…Finger on the BOSS BUTTON!!!!!!!!

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