The Standard Grill

Saturday afternoon myself and the two amigos , Oli and Nahder hit up the Standard Grill for some Bloody Marys and some brunch. The Standard Grill is located where else but at the Standard Hotel. I have been a long time fan of the Standard brand as that has always been my go to hotel when I hit Los Angeles. (I prefer the sunset strip location due to its close proximity to the legendary Carneys)

That being said I had yet to go to the Standard Grill or even step inside the Hotel in New York. Saturday brunch in the meatpacking district is the best for people watching and after learning of the hour-long wait at Pastis, Oliver made a great call and we headed over to the hotel. Even though it was chilly the meatpacking district was plenty busy. With the highline lurking right overhead we hit The Standard. The wait was only about 30 minutes and the  scenery looked great , we were in.

The Bloody Marys were good and spicy, the burgers were quite tasty and the BLT was excellent. But let’s be honest, the food at the Standard Grill is secondary. It is all about the people. Great brunch spot…I highly recommend a visit.

I want to give a special shout to my boy Nahder P, who made a valiant and brave attempt at an afternoon love connection with a fellow patron at the Standard. You get the MVP of the day my brotha!

The Standard Grill

848 Washington Street

at 13th Street


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