Oh Dr. Dre….How could you???

I love Dr. Dre, always have. Maybe the best hip-hop producer of all time. But after Sundays Yankees vs. Red Sox game that kicked off the 2010 campaign he dropped more than a few notches in my book.

Much to my chagrin I see the one and only Chronic King sporting a RED SOX JERSEY….are you kidding me?

Now of course later I found out that Dre was simply pumping his new c0-branded beats by Dre. Headphones…. but that is no excuse.

The rapper/super producer showed up at Fenway Park to promote the Red Sox Beats by Dr. Dre headphones from Monster. The officially licensed Red Sox Beats are the latest version of Dr. Dre’s well-received headphones. Dr. Dre donned a Red Sox jersey and took a little batting practice in the historic baseball park.

The Red Sox are the first officially licensed professional sports team to have a set of Beats. Why does a baseball team needs branded headphones? I’m not sure but the Red Sox fans are some of the most devoted you’ll find anywhere so there is likely a market for these. The Red Sox Beats come with a carrying case, cables and an adapter and sell for $400.

Now Dre, I will be first on-line to buy the much-anticipated DETOX album whenever it drops, but you would have to pay me to wear those headphones….Call me when the WORLD CHAMPION NEW YORK YANKEE version drops.

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