West Coast Road Trip!


West Coast road trip. I am not talking about me and my boys hopping into the Rover and driving cross country, I am talking about when the Bronx Bombers fly cross country and face their West Coast rivals. The beauty in the New York Yankee west coast rode trip….the 10:00pm start time on TV.

As a kid, this was it for me. Slide into bed around 10:30 on a school night and watch the Yankees till about 1:ooam. Now I have never really had a bed time per se, but being able to watch those games after home work was completed, phone calls were made, even most likely some action figures played with. Lights out , TV on…….Yankees on the West Coast is great!

So tonight the Yankees start their first west coast swing of 2010 (If I am correct there will only be one more West Coast road trip this 2010 campaign and that is not until mid – july)

The surging bombers are playing the suprising A’s. Should be a solid match up.But watching these game that start at 10 are the best.

PREDICTION : Yanks Take 2 of 3

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