“Worst Case” by James Patterson

I can not stop reading.

The worlds most prolific writer is at it again, well in fact by the time you are done reading this post James Patterson has probably already written three other books.

“Worst Case” is the third book in the latest franchise from Patterson. This franchise follows the exploits of New York City Detective Michael Bennett, who is a widower with 10 (that’s right TEN) adopted children. But out of the three current super franchises that James Patterson has, the Michael Bennett series is certainly the strongest and freshest. Sure I enjoy the “WOMENS MURDER CLUB” which takes place in San Fran, but Patterson is already up to his 9th book in that series, and as far as the Detective Alex Cross books go, there must be at least 15 in the series. So at a minimum the latest franchise keeps its fresh and its nice to have a character that has New York City as the backdrop for all the stories.

“Worst Case” is a fun read, the premise is simple. A mad man is kidnapping and killing the children of Manhattans super rich and of course chaos ensues when the bodies begin to drop. As usual with any Patterson page turner, you can knock this book out in three hours or so, but its worth the read.

Michael Bennett is Patterson’s best new character and perhaps he can put Alex Cross on the shelf for a while and concentrate on the new guy, but knowing James Patterson that is just not going to happen.

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