“Steppin to the AM” by 3rd Bass


oh man the nostalgia continues, if this isn’t JV basketball practice at The Dwight School circa 1989, I don’t know what is!

3rd Bass perhaps should be considered the original white boy rap group, The Beasties were  a totally different animal (In a good way) But the way Serch and Pete Nice dropped it was like okay white guys can do this and actually pull it off well, street credibility fully in tact

MC Serch and the Prime Minister Pete Nice, the song still rocks. “The Cactus Cee/D” is actually a much slept on Def Jam classic.


I have heard through the grapevine that Pete Nice lives in the sleepy village of Cooperstown, birthplace of baseball and is a bit of a baseball historian. Man after my own heart.



4 Responses to ““Steppin to the AM” by 3rd Bass”

  1. I own it on cassette and CD. Every track is fire

  2. The track is really awesome as the lyrics is heart touching.

  3. 1992….feels like just yesterday. That was the golden age of hip-hop. Long live sain 3 and OLI ….Fresh for 88 you sucka’s.

  4. Just dropped my first entry on my blog, and chose Steppin to the AM as the inaugural post.

    Good stuff!

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