“Strictly Business” by EPMD (1988)

"cuz Im strictly business"

Fine, at this point its obvious I am longing for the golden era of hip-hop, but isn’t that the beauty of music. It is timeless and with so much access to so much media, why not celebrate the past as much as possible.

Which brings me to Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith aka EPMD. I first heard EPMD in 8th grade and they were hard.  When I first encountered “Strictly Business” I was blown away. The green-eyed bandit crushes and the first album  was some serious late 80’s boom bap. The first EPMD record came out on a tiny indie known as Sleeping Bag Records, but it would not be long before Russell and Lyor came calling and EPMD was signed to Hip-Hop powerhouse Def Jam. Collabos with LL Cool J would follow and eventually the creation of the Hit Squad : EPMD, REDMAN, DAS EFX, KSOLO, and KEITH MURRAY (more on that team later)…..can you say “HeadBanger”????

“Cuz I’m Strictly Business”

One Response to ““Strictly Business” by EPMD (1988)”

  1. They are playing on May 7th at BB KINGS on 42nd St

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