“Scenario” Remix by Tribe Called Quest featuring Leaders Of The New School and Kid Hood.

Tribe circa 1990

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh man!!

Ok if the  “Flava in Ya Ear” remix by the Bad Boy crew has the illest all-star team of MC’s, then this remix by ATCQ was the funkiest. To this day every time I hear this record it is a treat, and you really rarely ever this record.  The “Scenario” remix was a total b-side record that was probably only released on Vinyl and cassette single in 1992. It took many years and a bunch of TRIBE albums for the version to appear on CD. This ended up being a bonus cut on “The Love Movement” (released in 1998)

Was there even a real video for this song???

Native Tongues

I don’t think you can get more Native Tongues than this, ok sure if you throw in De La,  Queen Latifah , Monie Love and the Jungle Brothers on there perhaps (A “Buddy” post is forthcoming…lol) At this point in time the Native Tongue movement was strong and Tribe was just hitting their stride, and Leaders still had another album left in them..good times…good times!

But again Leaders and Tribe! This beat gets me from the very first note and the ad libs from Busta……… “HERE IN 1992”

I often insist that  1992 had some of the best music of my lifetime, here is some further proof.

2 Responses to ““Scenario” Remix by Tribe Called Quest featuring Leaders Of The New School and Kid Hood.”

  1. I’ve never heard the remix #truestory

  2. This is probably, next to the Pete Rock’s Shut ‘Em Down Remix and the Flava In Ya Ear Remix, my favorite remix ever. Also it’s in my top 5 of Tribes tracks. Man.. Such an empowering beat and I love the intro for Hood who starts the track. He got shot two days after they recorded his verse, if I’m correct. A real shame.

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