Cope2 x Shepard Fairey Bronx Mural

What do you get when two Graffitti legends get together for a collabo, well you get amazing contemporary urban artwork. Bronx hard rock and Graff genius COPE2 linked up with the infamous Shepard Fairey (novice graff heads know him from his famous Obama campaign image) Or perhaps his mini OBEY Andre The Giant stickers that have been gracing the sides of traffic lights for years.

You know you have seen em.

The new mural….

For those that dont know , COPE2 has been bombing hard for decades, his throw-ups are masterful and are constantly being auctioned by top-notch art auction houses like Christies , Phillips, Sothebys etc…He has come along way from bombing the West Side Highway and the parking lot across the stree from Yankee Stadium, and terrorizing young graffitti toys city-wide.

The Mural looks very cool and might be worth a stop in the BX to take your own flicks, this is a quite a collabo.

Cope 2 at work.

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