“Today Was A Good Day”


Perhaps Cube knew what he was doing when he created his “FRIDAY” film franchise!!

Lets be honest , most people look forward to Friday like they look forward to…..well like Friday. Can Friday as a day really compare to any other day of the week. You just labored through 4 days doing the daily grind at the 9 to 5, You might be hitting the bar right after work, or you might head home and prep for a stress free night on the couch knowing that tomorrow , Saturday is all yours. And for most working class Americans out there Friday tends to come with a sweet little bonus. We Like to call that bonus PAY DAY!!

“Just Got Paid, Its Friday Night”

So on Friday in your office most people have a little kick in their step, perhaps a little more of a smile from the annoying guy who is the only male that works in Human Resources, or maybe the dipshit in the cubicle next to you just seems a little bit more tolerable , friendly banter increases, positive vibes all around.

If I was an odds maker in Vegas I would not be going out on a limb by saying that someone at your place of business will utter the phrase “Thank God Its Friday”……and this will happen EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Like I said Friday is that unique day, where even though you are still grinding out that last shift of the week, the light is at the end of the Tunnel and quitting time is fast approaching. Then the world is yours.

Cmon you know the band LOVERBOY said it best…… “Everybody is working for the Weekend”

So while you are eyeing the clock (and I know you are) Enjoy the whole day , start to finish, because its FRIDAY and “TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY”


On that note Ill leave you with a song that needs no further introduction, Thank You Ice Cube!


One Response to ““Today Was A Good Day””

  1. Matty Matt…Nice entry…Yes the world is yours so make the most of your weekend. It’s going to be beautiful… :o)


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