IL Bagatto..LES Diamond in the Rough

Trying to make a reservation at 12:00pm on a Saturday for the same evening is never that simple in Manhattan. But then again living in arguably the biggest city in the world has its advantages…We have plenty of restaurants to choose from. So after being shut down at a few spots that were booked up, I called upon my good friends Oliver and Taryn for some suggestions. Independently of each other (which is strange considering they are married) both suggested Il Bagatto on the Lower East Side.

I had no problem locking down a reservation and my night was planned.

Il Bagatto is a cute and  cozy place, those adjactives are actually perfect ways to describe this Trattoria. Before you are seated in the close but comfortable upstairs dining area , you are led to the downstairs bar, greeted by a massive bowl of homemade Sangria and a DJ playing classic soul and some old school hip-hop. The lighting is certainly very date friendly , not too dark and definitly not too bright, lots of candles , interesting artwork , family photos etc….

The menu has all the standards of a Roman Trattoria, I had an excellent chicken in a rich white sauce, with brushetta appetizer.

But there is a very home like quality to the restaurant. The Service was excellent and the staff could not have been friendlier. If you feel like trooping to 2nd Street Between A & B. Il Bagatto is worth the trip.


New York Magazine Dot Com Review

192 East 2nd Street (btwn Ave. A & B), NY, NY 10009
Reservations: 212.228.0977

T–Th: 5:30pm – 11:30pm
F–Sat: 5:30pm – 12:30am
Sun: 5pm – 10:45pm

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