Lost Series Finale : “Addicted to Confusion”


6 years is a very long time, and a lot can happen in that stretch of life.

Take me for example…

Multiple girlfriends, 1 broken engagement,  3 Manhattan apartments, 4 therapists,  career changes , family members passed on and some family members born… weight gained, weight lost and weight gained again.


So like I said in 6 years of your life a lot can change, but in the past six years of my consistently drama filled life there were a few wonderful constants and “LOST” was certainly one of them.

But this past Sunday night , the global phenomenon that was “LOST” ended , and really one particular feeling comes to mind now that it is all over and that feeling is sadness!

Because quite frankly other than my blind dedication to the New York Yankees and Benihana, I  have been most faithful , honest and dedicated to perhaps the most frustrating , confusing  and amazingly creative show ever produced for network television, “LOST”… Addicted to the confusion for 6 long years.


Following Sunday nights 2 and half hour finale, I jumped right on the internet to gauge reaction and of course it ran the gamut from terrible to terrific.  Between twitter, facebook, and endless chat rooms all over the web, the opinions and speculation were endless. Personally I thought it was great, but as always was difficult to wrap my head around it.

But in the end “LOST was really about huge , sweeping human themes, the battle of Good vs. Evil and the quest for personal salvation that everyone at one point or another is searching for in life. Again just sitting here typing about the show makes my head hurt, but in a good way!

But if it sounds like a show can’t get any deeper than that , “LOST” certainly did!

“LOST”  was at its core a science fiction story wrapped in the warm embrace of characters that over 6 seasons , we the audience (or at least me) became personally invested in. Not only did we want and need to know more about these characters , we came upon that need all the while kind of having no real idea what the show was actually about. I do not believe any show that I have ever watched made me so frustrated but yet forced me to return each week for more of the same brain smacking “what on earth is this show really about” confusion.


A good friend once told me that there “ARE NO CASUAL LOST FANS” and in many ways that sums up the show best, “LOST” required nothing less than full committment and investment, an “I am all in” attitude of the highest order, all in the hopes that in end, the writers , producers, and actors would deliver.

They most certainly did!

So Jack , Hurley, Kate, Sawyer, Jin , Jacob, Ben , Locke, Sayid and all the “OTHERS”….Thanks for making TV an amazing experience again…it was certainly my best investment (and probably relationship..lol) of that last six years!

Now what I am gonna do????

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