“The Men Who Would Be King” by Nicole Laporte

Before I get into my latest read, my apologies for the delay in delivering a new update. When my world gets busy I should be writing more , but do not always have the focus and concentration to deliver the goods!!

Lets move on!

I have always been pretty fascinated with all things media, the movie business in particular is very interesting. I always want to know how new films do each week at the box office etc. So while strolling into Borders on my way to buy the latest James Patterson offering, the cover of “The Men Who would Be King” caught my eye.  The cover featured Steven Spielberg, David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg , standing side by side as the Dreamworks Studio team. No brainer.

As I suspected it was a great read and certainly a subject that I want to dive into deeper. These three men are literally the top of the food chain in Hollywood but the story of the creation , growth and eventual sale of Dreamworks, has all the drama of a great Spielberg movie only he and his two partners are the stars of this show.

The epic battles of revenge between Jeffrey Katzenberg and then Disney chief Michael Eisner, David Geffen and Michael Ovitz and David Geffen and Sumner Redstone , well basically it was David Geffen versus everyone.

The run of films when the studio finally achieved some of its promise with best picture Oscars for American Beauty and Gladiator.

And the role of Steven Spielberg as the golden boy who everyone , including his partners simply wanted to keep happy.

This is a great book and certainly a good summer time read. I highly recommend!!!

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