Who in the hell is ALVIN GREENE?


It is quite possible that American politics has reached a new low , and given the state of our political system and the general mess that is America in 2010, this is no easy achievement.

Enter Mr. Alvin Greene, who is Alvin Greene you ask?

Well me , you and the entire Democratic party is asking the very same question and guess what Mr. Greene somehow is the Democratic Parties nominee for Senate in the state of South Carolina. Now South Carolina politics is notorious for scandal and bottom of the barrel tactics etc, but this candidacy might take the cake.

Alvin Greene is a 32 year old un-employed veteran with ZERO political experience, how he defeated former state legislator Vic Rawl in the primary last week with 60% of the vote is almost as big a mystery as how this unemployed gentleman came up with the $10,000.oo fee a candidate is required to pay the state to get listed on the ballot.

Oh and one more thing, Mr. Greene has some outstanding legal troubles as well regarding disseminating pornography..sounds like South Carolina Senate material to me.

As if the Obama and the Democratic party did not have enough trouble to deal with, now they have some wack job one step away from being a Senator. State Democratic party officials are already lining up and asking Mr. Greene to step down , including senior white house adviser David Axelrod who on “Meet The Press” yesterday described Greene as “not being a legitimate candidate”

Now I wish Mr. Greene was more like Eddie Murphy in the classic yet under-rated film “The Distinguished Gentleman” , where Murphy a talented con-artist gets elected to the house of representatives , but after hearing this genius speak on CNN last night, I would be surprised if he could spell his own name.

But you know what , I say let the guy run. Maybe this is exactly what the country and the state of South Carolina needs, an inexperienced unemployed guy who lives with his dad and likes porn…he cant be any worse that the crew of geniuses running the Congress now!

This story probably has some legs to it and if nothing else will add some much-needed comedy to the scary political landscape this is the USA in 2010.

VOTE GREENE!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “Who in the hell is ALVIN GREENE?”

  1. I don’t believe this guy is legit for a minute. I can see the whole Eddie Murphey thing if he squeeked by, but he carried so much of the vote. And he did it in a primary when more informed voters turn out. In a general election, many people pull the R or D lever, or vote for the first person listed (as Greene was), but in a senatorial primary?
    But like you, I too will be very interested to see just what will happen. I think he has no chance against DeMint, but oh the delicious irony if he pulls another win out of his nether regions and does win in Nov.
    If he isn’t exposed and replaced by a legitimate candidate, then I echo your rally cry of Vote Greene!

  2. This is the craziest story in politics in a Loooong time. And you can find Alvin Greene campaign shirts on Ebay now too.

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