“Reminisce” Fiasco

I remember sometime around the late 80s when I was already years into being a hip-hop addict and my father asked me “Matthew, dont you think this hip-hop thing is just going to be here today gone tomorrow?” and I was like no way, this genre is here to stay”…of course I was only 12 years old so I doubt i actually used the word genre.

In any event hip hop has been around a long while now and with the passing of time songs that were new in 1992 are now 20 years old and some of those songs, in fact most of those songs are long forgotten. But every now and again the music gods smile on a super talented producer and a gifted MC and classics are born, classics that will still sound great 50 years later, classics that should NEVER EVER be touched.

So today as I am doing my daily scroll on Rap Radar or Spotify etc, I came across the latest single from Lupe Fiasco titled  “Around My Way”

“When They Reminisce over you my god”

The beat dropped on his new single and within seconds so did my jaw….I swear it dropped all the way to the damn floor, I was appalled.  Is it possible that my ears were deceiving me?…Lupe Fiasco has committed what I consider to be the cruelest form of music blasphemy. He not only sampled ,  but basically straight jacked what might be the greatest beat on perhaps what might be one of the all time GREATEST HIP HOP SONG of all TIME…..He Jacked “T.R.O.Y” also known as “Reminisce”  by the legendary Pete Rock and CL Smooth. This song is such a timeless perfect classic, you simply do not touch this…EVER.

And Lupe being a real student of the game HAS to know better!!!!…..shame on you Lupe!!!

Step your game up son.

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