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Louis Vuitton IPAD Cases….

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I need one asap.

Yesterday was the day of the man purse debate and Gizmodo had a great piece on how the IPAD would now make the Man Purse or Satchel or Louis Vuitton Messenger Bag in my case, perfectly acceptable for a man to rock, case closed right???

My Bag

Well today it seems that the powers that be at LOUIS VUITTON were so taken with my piece on the LV Messenger bag and the Man Purse debate in general that they decided to quickly design an LV IPAD sleeve that could fit just perfectly inside your man Satchel.

Adding further case options for the iPad, Louis Vuitton unveil a couple of upcoming sleeve designs, specifically created for Apple’s latest hot shot gadget. Two colorways are seen, both implementing Louis Vuitton’s signature Monogram and monochrome Damier Graphite schemes.

I have to say as usual with everything LV, it looks right. Source are saying a release is not likely till next year but well keep you posted on the release date.

Matthews World always a little bit ahead of the curve….

The Man Purse Debate …continues….The IPAD Saves the Day!!

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Shouts out to Ben Ullman for putting me up on this great Gizmodo article,

Does the iPad Make Man Purses Okay Now?

The iPad isn’t crazy big. But it’s too big for a pocket. That means one thing: a bag. Not too big of a bag. More like a purse.

I have no inherent distaste for the man purse.* In fact I’ve been waiting for years for my literally closeted obsession with small bags to become socially acceptable. If the arbitrating metric for men’s accessories is utility without gaudiness, the man purse falls comfortably within acceptable boundaries. It lacks the practicality of the backpack, perhaps the most versatile option, but doesn’t dress down a suit. Nothing looks more tacky than a man in business attire with a backpack.

The larger options, attaché cases or messenger bags, are excellent compromises when one must carry a laptop. But one of the beautiful things about the iPad is that it can ably replace a laptop in many situations. Sitting in a coffee shop browsing the web. Reading an ebook on a train. Watching pornography in a hotel room. To slip the relatively small iPad into a laptop-sized bag is inelegant.

Of course this presumes that we’ll want to carry around our iPads at all times, just in case. Our New York contingent claims they’ll rarely take their iPads out of their tiny apartments, content to use them as coffee table portals to their media. Why take an iPad out on the town when an iPhone does nearly the same stuff? A fair point for city dwellers, yet I would challenge with this: What about keyboards?

One of the most exciting thing about the iPad for writers is that we’ll finally be able to use 2002’s most exciting technology with our Apple portable: the Bluetooth keyboard. Even if Apple allows the iPhone the same Bluetooth keyboard access as they do for iPad—a dream come true for this dork—you’ll want to keep a small keyboard on your person. That brings us right back to the man purse.

Although I’m not sure how much you can read into the pre-release offerings from iPad accessory manufacturers, clearly at least a few of them have considered the man purse—or more commonly, “satchel”—as the optimal size for toting an iPad. Even the cases sold without straps are only a couple of D-rings away from being dashing little man purses.

I’ll cop to being too concerned with the question. I’m the sort of man who has nearly as many bags of varying sizes as he does things to put in them. I’ve been in search of the perfect leather satchel for years, resigned that I’ll never find perfection until I pick up the awl and punch and captive-bolt pistol and craft my own

I’ve refrained from the man purse over the years primarily because its primary proponents tend to look like total twats. “What do you have in the purse that you can’t keep in your pockets, Nancy?” A phone in the pocket, never the belt holster—and a huge bag for everything else.

But maybe the mainstream success of the iPad—I’m thinking it’s a lock, if that weren’t already clear—will finally give the varnish of utility to the man purse, finally making it acceptable for even the sweatiest sweatpants stallion to toss his shit into a tiny ballistic nylon satchel and get back to the really important things in life: arguing whether using Apple products in the first place make you look like a total homo.**..

New Iphone 4G…Lost and Found!!

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So the big tech rumour of the day is the discovery of the new IPHONE 4G in a bar somewhere in California. The good peeps at Gizmodo got the low down…here it is!

Apparently, an Apple Software Engineer, Gray Powell had lost the new iPhone he was testing which was disguised as a iPhone 3GS at a local bar up in Redwood City, CA. Now it’s in the hands of the folks over at Gizmodo. It probably was intentional since Apple did not take any action or trip off the fact that they posted tons of photos of it on their website.

Looks good, has similarities with the iPad when it comes to the trim area. Good thing I held off on the 3GS, once this comes out, perfect timing for an upgrade.

What’s new

• Front-facing video chat camera
• Improved regular back-camera (the lens is quite noticeably larger than the iPhone 3GS)
• Camera flash
• Micro-SIM instead of standard SIM (like the iPad)
• Improved display. It’s unclear if it’s the 960×640 display thrown around before—it certainly looks like it, with the “Connect to iTunes” screen displaying much higher resolution than on a 3GS.
• What looks to be a secondary mic for noise cancellation, at the top, next to the headphone jack
• Split buttons for volume
• Power, mute, and volume buttons are all metallic

What’s changed

• The back is entirely flat, made of either glass (more likely) or ceramic or shiny plastic in order for the cell signal to poke through. Tapping on the back makes a more hollow and higher pitched sound compared to tapping on the glass on the front/screen, but that could just be the orientation of components inside making for a different sound
• An aluminum border going completely around the outside
• Slightly smaller screen than the 3GS (but seemingly higher resolution)
• Everything is more squared off
• 3 grams heavier
• 16% Larger battery
• Internals components are shrunken, miniaturized and reduced to make room for the larger battery

So now I have to buy an Ipad and a new Iphone, I am  taking donations…lol!!!

Let the Accessory Games Begin! – Temple Bags IPAD CASE

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With the incredibly anticipated IPAD (wi-fi version) dropping this Saturday, the million and one accessories that I imagine will be developed have begun to roll out. This case by Temple Bags does not do too much for me aesthetically , but its interesting nonetheless.

Taking full advantage of the release of Apple’s iPad, luggage specialists Temple Bags have just launched this case, which has been custom designed to house your new iPad. Available in either leather or canvas, the bag features a padded shoulder strap, internal pocket and two stand options which allow one to view the iPad vertically or horizontally. The bags are available today from Temple Bags’ online store.

I am just mad I have to wait another 3 weeks till the Ipad 3G drops….The Apple Stores will be wild this weekend!!

info courtesy of HYPEBEAST

Mike Vallely Iphone App

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Mike Vallely never stops and his new iphone/ipod touch app is no exception.  The Mike V “Do or Die” iphone app is perfect for skaters (and former skaters) to get their shred on when they just cant get grab their deck and roll , like at work for instance (LOL)

Now I am a bit biased when it comes to Mike V and anything branded with his name, but this app is the real deal. I have tried multiple skate apps for my touch and this is the best and most realistic I have seen to date. Roll over to the Mike Vallely dedicated site for the app for more info or simply hit Apple and dload .

Lets be honest who deserves an app more than Mike Vallely!

Check out the trailer for the app…

In other Mike V news , it seems like the good folks over at Powell took my suggestion (and I am sure thousands of others) and chose to go with the Black colorway on the Mike Vallely Elephant Re-issue deck.  Yes I will be grabbing this deck for the collection and yes it will be my 5th colorway for this model.

It’s a classic so cop it!

Mike Vallely Powell in Black

For everything else Mike Vallely related just hit up the site at Mike Vallely Dot Com!

Incase 2010 Spring Collection

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Incase 2010 Spring Collection

Incase keeps it gully!

Ok let me translate that so when my mother reads this, she will understand what I am talking about.

Laptop accessory powerhouse Incase continues to make products that are both super functional and design savvy..better?…I thought so.

Case in point (pardon the pun..I just had to) The  2010 Canvas Coated spring collection constructed of heavy-duty cotton canvas finished with a weather resistant coating. Each product looks sleek and futuristic and will certainly make other accessory -heads jealous and or just plain curious. I know they got me. The good peeps at Hypebeast do a better job of the detailed product here it goes:

Showcasing clean lines and discreet features, the Shoulder Bag and Vertical Sling are perfect for those who favor shoulder carrying styles. Each features a reinforced notebook compartment with quilted interior lining that fits up to a 15” MacBook Pro, secure Velcro closures for easy access to interior compartments, an exterior iPhone slip pocket with plush faux-fur lining and an adjustable shoulder strap that can be worn cross-body or on the shoulder. The collection also includes a Coated Canvas Backpack and 13” and 15” notebook Sleeves.

Macbook Sleeve

Messenger Bag

Arkitip x Andre x Incase – Macbook & Iphone slider

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Arkitip x Andre x Incase

Arkitip x Andre x Iphone Slider

Maybe you just copped a lovely new Macbook, but dont want your new baby getting all scratched up, or perhaps you took the plunge and grabbed yourself an iphone and are preparing to immerse yourself in App heaven ,  but again that iphone is precious cargo , so you best take care of it.

That is where design house Arkitip comes into play. This artistic collective has worked with some of the worlds premier artists to design its magazine , a line of t-shirts, original prints and of course some Apple accessories.

The Arkitip collaboration with Paris graph artist Andre , has produced a Macbook case and Iphone slider. If you’re a big fan of Paris like I am, then you might want to grab one or both.

More on Arkitip coming soon…