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Benihana Lends A Hand.

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If the New York Yankees are my favorite sports team of all time and The Dave Matthews Band is my favorite band of all time then it is certainly safe to say that Benihana is my favorite restaurant in the world. After some loose calculations, I figure I hit up the NYC Benihana location 15 to 20 times a year. That is serious dedication!

So when a restaurant that you love does something great for the public in general, it makes you feel good to be associated and even better to simply love the place.

And that is exactly what Benihana is doing with its “ARIGATO” campaign! In response to the devastating earthquakes and Tsunami in Japan, The Benihana chain is galvanizing the support of its diners in an effort to help the citizens of Japan. Now of course Benihana is first and foremost a Japanese restaurant, but when Rocky Aoki founded Benihana in 1964 he did so in NYC , but the connection with Japan has always remained.

So it is in the spirit of basic humanity that Benihana is supporting the Red Cross in this desperate time of need. When you dine at any of the 80 worldwide Benihana locations, you can add any dollar amount you choose to your bill and in turn Benihana will match that dollar figure and all of it will go to those who need it most right now.

Normally its simply the amazing shrimp and garlic butter that makes me love Benihana, but the fact that MY RESTAURANT is helping people, well that just makes me love the place even more.

Benihana Dot Com

Supreme Nunchucks & Bathing Ape Chopsticks…Branding run amuck??

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Bruce Lee is smiling somewhere!

Two wonderful brands ; Supreme & Bathing Ape have taken their logo game to a whole new level.

Supreme has gone Bruce Lee on everyone and released branded Nunchucks. In case you are not a martial arts head and have never had the pleasure of seeing the greatest karate movie ever made “Enter The Dragon” , Nunchucks are defined as : An oriental hand weapon for defense against frontal assault, consisting of two foot-long hardwood sticks joined by a chain.  Supreme produced a video to show off their latest branded creation, but you can scour the web for that yourself. I prefer to go to the source , here is my man Bruce Lee getting nasty in a scene from “Enter The Dragon”

Get your weapons at both the NY and LA location

Supreme – New York
274 Lafayette Street | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-966-7799

Supreme – Los Angeles
439 North Fairfax Avenue | Map
Los Angeles, CA 90036
TEL #: 323-655-6205

Bathing Ape has extended their never-ending brand to less hostile territory, although if your nice like Bruce I am sure you could use them as a weapon. Bathing Ape Chopsticks!! When I think about it, how cool would it be  to roll into your favorite asian restaurant… lets say..Benihana.  I take out my camouflage chopstick case and remove my very own Bathing Ape chopsticks….how ya like me now?????

You might say that this is branding run amuck , but I disagree. If you are gonna walk around with your own chopsticks and martial arts weapon..they might as well come from the right brand!!

Oh and if your not up on the greatest Kung -Fu Legend ever..check out Bruce Lee Dot Com and get your education on.

Benihana & The Blind Side!

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What a good Saturday night, Dinner and a Movie. The Blind Side was just a great movie. Totally feel good, I was smiling the whole time and Sandra Bullock was pretty sensational. I think the Oscar should be hers. And of course the movie was followed by dinner at the best restaurant in the world..Benihana!!


Tiger Had The Splash N Meadow!