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The Boss and Joe Torre

ahh Summer Time , its been a very busy summer so far and its been a minute since I have posted,  so rather than post about a single subject I am simply gonna write and see what comes out….From Capri to Inception to the loss of Steinbrenner , it really has been a crazy summer to date…In just a few short weeks , Lebron went from sports icon to total DOUCHER , I became completely obsessed with Twitter, Hip Hop came back hard with great albums from The Roots, Drake, Big Boi, Eminem and Ricky Ross , The Yankee Organization was hit hard 3 times with the losses of THE BOSS, Legendary PA announcer Bob Shepard, and former player and manager Ralph Houk , Dave Matthews crushed Citifield , Nick Swisher was on the All Star team and in the Home Run Derby , great books by James Patterson and David Bladacci were read , Brock Lesnar battled Shane Carwin and pulled off a great victory keeping his UFC heavyweight belt , .The Yankees are sitting in first place atop the AL EAST……… AND…………..I bought six pairs of dope ass kicks (shout out to the crew at WEST on 72nd Street (WESTSIIIIIIDE!!!)

Baseball Hall of Fame

This weekend I take my annual trip to Cooperstown with my dad. It is a weekend consumed with the sport of baseball and the very deep history of the game, needless to say it is a great time and also very much symbolizes the mid-point of the summer and will certainly get a full post of its own.

So that’s my very brief summer to date recap…MUCH MUCH MORE TO FOLLOW

Strikeforce has nothing on the UFC!

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Dana White can sleep easy this week. UFC rival promotion Strikeforce had its biggest card this past Saturday and it aired on Network Television powerhouse CBS. The fact that the Strikeforce organization had secured a deal with a major TV network was considered in MMA circles as a huge coup. CBS has the ability spread the STRIKFORCE brand and MMA in general to a massive audience.

But in order to capitalize , Strikeforce had to deliver a top-notch product. The card this past Saturday night did not deliver. In fact all three bouts (which were all title fights) were down right boring. Even with the marquee name of Dan Henderson headlining the card , it was just not an exciting evening of MMA. Dan Henderson was a heavy favorite over Middleweight title holder Jake Sheilds, but Sheilds dominated a grappling contest that was certainly not going to inspire any new mma fans.  In fact all three fights went the 5 round distance and other than an impressive performance by “KING MO” in the light heavyweight division, it was all pretty dull.

The highlight of the evening was probably a moment that Strikeforce and CBS would rather forget. After Jake Sheilds was announced the victor over Dan Henderson and the post fight in cage interview started, Jason “Mayhem” Miller ( potential next opponent for Shields) entered the ring, interrupted the interview with Sheilds and a brawl ensued with all of Shields Team Gracie teammates . This looked a lot more like the WWE and did nothing to further the sport of MMA. Not a good look for Strikeforce.

Mixed Martial Arts has a had a tough month so far, first the UFC Anderson Silva debacle in Abu Dhabi and then this. But one thing is clear, Strikeforce is still a second tier promotion, network deal or not. Lets hope they do better next time.

But MMA is not finished in the month of April, this weekend the WEC has a huge card and its first foray into Pay Per View with ALDO vs Faber for the WEC featherweight title. I am not sure I can afford another PPV this month, but something tells me I just might have to get it.

UFC 111 at Radio City

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So the UFC finally came to NYC, at least on the big screen at Radio City Music Hall. Now as good as the card was and it was a good one, the real pleasure of the night was being able to go back to Radio City. Even though I live quite close to the legendary music hall, its been years since I have been in there. It’s a beautiful place.

I would say the venue was at 50% capacity which was actually perfect. It was general admission and there was plenty of room to spread out and enjoy. But again the real spectacle this night was the room itself.

Radio City Music Hall opened on December 27th , 1932 in a joint venture between John D. Rockefeller Jr. , Samuel Roxy Rothafel, and RCA chairman David Sarnoff.  Soon after opening the theatre was converted to a feature film format. Donald Deskey was the interior designer and the Art Deco decor still looks great today. Just going down to the lower level where the “Mens Lounge” is located is very cool.

In an interesting ironic twist, the proprietors of Radio City encouraged the showing of only G-Rated films, the lack of G-rated films eventually led to the end of feature flims being shown at Radio City all together. I wonder what Mr. Rockefeller would have thought of the bloodbath that is the UFC, being shown on the big screen.

Now in more important news, George St.Pierre defended his welterweight title by simply dominating Dan Hardy. St. Pierre has to be considered number 1 or number 2 pound for pound in the world. Dan Hardy did not have an opportunity to let  his hand go, because St. Pierre took him down at will. The bout went 5 rounds but it was really over before it started.

The surprise of the evening was Shane Carwin simply smashing Frank Mir, getting a first round knockout and the Interim Heavyweight title.  I knew Carwin was a beast but I was shocked at how he destroyed Mir. Brock Lesnar strolled into the cage following the KO and set the stage for the battle between him and Carwin (which I believe will be happening in July) Dana White is certainly smiling at the PPV prospects on that one.

UFC 111 was not the most exciting card I have seen , but being in a room with 2000 plus mma nut jobs was great fun and I will definitely be at Radio City again for UFC 112!

The UFC is coming to NYC!

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The UFC is coming to New York City , but not exactly.

Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport on the planet. This year alone the premier promotion the UFC will stage cards in Australia, Dubai, Germany and many cards throughout the United States. But in New York City, arguably the worlds largest market , mixed martial arts competitions are NOT LEGAL.

Thats right, dating back to the birth of the UFC, when there were basically no rules, no weight classes and the brutality was almost comical , the sport was banned in almost every state. Senator John McCain went so far as to call the sport “Human Cockfighting”.

But in 2001 Dana White and the Fertitta brothers bought the UFC and instituted serious reforms and rules that would establish mixed martial arts and the UFC as a legitimate sport. Since the purchase the sport has grown like wildfire , all along Dana White and Marc Ratner (former Nevada Athletic commissioner) have been crusading across the United States to get the state bans lifted. They have had great success but the State of New York is one of the last holdout states.

This weekend is UFC 111 and one of the biggest cards in mixed martial arts history, with two titles on the line and a magnificent lineup in general. The only problem is that the show will not be held at the mecca of sports Madison Square Garden but rather across the river in Newark, NJ of all places… at the Prudential Center. If I was a legislator in New York State I would be pretty upset about all the revenue the state is losing to New Jersey.

But in a shrewd business move the UFC will see some action this weekend in NYC. The card will have a live viewing on a huge HD screen at Radio City Music Hall. Prior to the start of the card some UFC stars including “The Iceman” will hold an autograph signing and a Q & A with fans live at Radio City. That is where I will be saturday night with all the other UFC goons. I can’t wait.

All of this momentum should help get the legislation passed and have some of the greatest athletes in the world compete on the worlds largest stage. New York City.

Check out the recent article in the New York Times