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“Today Was A Good Day”

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Perhaps Cube knew what he was doing when he created his “FRIDAY” film franchise!!

Lets be honest , most people look forward to Friday like they look forward to…..well like Friday. Can Friday as a day really compare to any other day of the week. You just labored through 4 days doing the daily grind at the 9 to 5, You might be hitting the bar right after work, or you might head home and prep for a stress free night on the couch knowing that tomorrow , Saturday is all yours. And for most working class Americans out there Friday tends to come with a sweet little bonus. We Like to call that bonus PAY DAY!!

“Just Got Paid, Its Friday Night”

So on Friday in your office most people have a little kick in their step, perhaps a little more of a smile from the annoying guy who is the only male that works in Human Resources, or maybe the dipshit in the cubicle next to you just seems a little bit more tolerable , friendly banter increases, positive vibes all around.

If I was an odds maker in Vegas I would not be going out on a limb by saying that someone at your place of business will utter the phrase “Thank God Its Friday”……and this will happen EVERY SINGLE FRIDAY OF YOUR LIFE.

Like I said Friday is that unique day, where even though you are still grinding out that last shift of the week, the light is at the end of the Tunnel and quitting time is fast approaching. Then the world is yours.

Cmon you know the band LOVERBOY said it best…… “Everybody is working for the Weekend”

So while you are eyeing the clock (and I know you are) Enjoy the whole day , start to finish, because its FRIDAY and “TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY”

On that note Ill leave you with a song that needs no further introduction, Thank You Ice Cube!

“King Of New York”

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Addictions.  At one time or another in life we all have them (some more than others) So in the spirit of being honest and  getting past the first step of denial and admitting powerlessness , I am here to admit that I am powerless over the gravitational pull of the internet,  yes I have become an internet Addict.

Some people smoke rock, some like to twist one up,  some heads even shoot up…But Me……Me…. I  just constantly scour the internet for shit I think is cool.  I log onto my mac book and proceed to open up like 13 tabs and bang bang boogie let the games begin.

So if you have made is this far you must be wondering what the hell my internet habit has to do with the title of this post. “King Of New York”

So here it is..I was doing my daily “let me see what new sneakers and t-shirts and music” is brand spanking new and get my shopping list organized for the weekend.  After uncovering some new joints from GAME and Drake , stopped by one of my all time favorite hip-hop sites HipHopDX. They recently started selling Hip-Hop related tees and what not and like that something caught my eye.  Now I just don’t scour the internet because I am addicted to buying needless consumer goods, but as someone who likes to write, the internet is my go to source for inspiration (Yeah I agree I might want to get out the house one of these days , but whatever..)

So I see a T-shirt and boom, inspiration. My first thought was to just do the usual on my blog, post a photo of the shirts, say some witty shit and call it a wrap.  But the true inspiration set in… the image of that T-shirt was a debate, a debate I have had time and time again with fellow music enthusiasts, proud new yorkers, sports fans etc…

“Who Is The King Of New York?”

Well lets start with the shirt that caused this little spark plug-in my mind.

King Jay?

For starters let’s get this out-of-the-way, I think the shirt is dope. Yankee Blue, Interlocking NY Yankee logo, I was sold before my brain could even register what it meant.

Jay Z The King

But of course the meaning is obvious, Jay Z is the clear “KING OF NEW YORK”  that what this shirt is saying. Besides being arguably the most successful rapper of all time , his last opus basically sealed the deal. “EMPIRE STATE OF MIND” was a runaway # 1 smash single. Like Sinatra and “New York, New York” but for 09.

“I’m the new Sinatra,
And since I made it here,
I can make it anywhere”

And as it seems with all things related to Jay Z, the marketing and timing gods were on his side. As the song was peaking at radio and booming from sound systems across the 5 boroughs, the Yankees were crushing the competition on their way to their 27th World Title, and guess what, Jay Z even performed his ode to NYC and himself at Game 2 of The World Series.  So In November of 2009 , Jay was certainly the King.

“Catch me at the X with OG at a Yankee game,
Sh-t I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can”

Bold words….but the last line says it all…

“Statue of Liberty, long live the World trade,
Long live the king yo”

I love Jay Z, I think he is an incredible talent, rapper, businessman, etc. But I always had a theory and this is where the crux of the debate for me begins…. If Biggies life was not cut so tragically short, would Jay Z be where he is today?

Biggie ...."Long Live The World Trade"

When Biggie was taken from us, he was the biggest rapper on the planet, only two short weeks from the release of his 2nd album, a double CD ironically titled “Life After Death” . The album is one of the greatest of all time and went on to sell many millions. The year was 1997.

But as soon as BIG was gone there was an empty throne , and despite the ups and downs of  Hip-Hop over the years, New York pretty much is always home to the KING, even if the rest of New York born hip-hop is a stale as the wonder bread in my fridge. So in 1998 Jay Z puts out his second album , drops  a monster anthem titled “Hard Knock Life” and the rest as they say is History.

"Hard Knock Life"

But If BIG was still around would Jay be able to grow into what he has become, is New York big enough for two Kings? I always wonder what would have happened.

No doubt Jay would always have been huge and would drop hit after hit after hit like Jeter, but would he have been able to comfortably call himself  “THE KING OF NEW YORK”

Now of course when it comes to sports the YANKEES are the real Kings of New York (But I am beyond biased) and  that’s a little different since baseball is a true team sport, but what happens to Jay Z if The Knicks sign KING JAMES?

"King James"

Sorry Jigga but if Lebron comes to the garden…all bets are off!!

All this from a damn T-shirt…..


The good friends at Hip-Hop DX have some pretty cool tees worth taking a look at it.

New DRAKE single “Find Your Love” produced by Kanye

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Second Single

Drake certainly made this one for the ladies and to say its radio friendy is a but of an understatement. But something tells me they this one might go global, I see them digging this is in Cannes this summer. And its got Kanye’s fingerprints of 808’s and Heartbreak all over this bad boy.

“Find Your Love” is the second single from the forthcoming sure to be massive debut album “Thank Me Later”

But this record is so radio friendly and really much more of an R&B record that its an interesting route to take, but not surprising. Drake and his team know exactly what they are doing and this will be no exception.

At first listen I am not blown away, but it feels like a creeper. Meaning this record is sure to grow on all.

I think it wins!

click the link and listen (Courtesy of Rap Radar)

“Find Your Love” Rap Radar Dot Come

Game “Shake” Video

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Gotta love THE GAME producing videos for his Mixtapes.

As I said GAME gets its. For an artist of his caliber on his level, whats the difference..Album..Mixtape..etc….. Its all a marketing tool for the forthcoming full length.

The video is hysterical….The L.A. rapper strolls into his walk-in closet — which is a modest characterization. Game’s “closet” is about the size of your local Foot Locker and boasts more sneakers and athletic apparel than the retailer. He sports a pair of Air Jordans and a throwback Michael Jordan jersey and begins his adventure.

Oh and if  that is actually GAME’s closet I am impressed!!!!!!!!

I need walk in closet like that in my life!

ok  I have officially ODeed on this track…..this is my last post about…maybe!!

“SHAKE” Remix GAME feat TRV$ Barker

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Thank You GAME

Ill keep saying it until I cant stand to hear myself anymore, this song is fire. GAME crushes and Travis, well you know what he does, just bangs the hell out of those drums. The kid can play.

Trav and Game

Off the new GAME & DJ SKEE “RED ROOM” Mixtape (which by the way is also COMPLETE fire front to back)

Click the link and enjoy. (Courtesy of NAHRIGHT)

\”Shake\” Remix by Game feat TRV$ BARKER

You know where I am at : Matthew Marcus or Matthew Marcus choose one!

“The Promo” by The Jungle Brothers feat Q-Tip

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If you know your history, you have this album!

The Jungle Brothers get no love, when the history of hip-hop is told the JB’s are a mere footnote in the Native Tongue movement, but before you could have a Tribe, a De La, a Latifah , or  a Black Sheep, you had the Jungle Brothers.

"Q-Tip , His name"

This particular track is one  for the truly educated, and as far as I know it was the first time I heard Q- Tip on wax and believe me it was on WAX.  If memory serves it was the last track on the album. Way before Tribes “Instinctive Travels” debut  album dropped .

That beat is so simple its brilliant.


“Jungle Brother , JB for short” …….

.”Q-Tip…. his name, he’s into business…… not into games”

“Hermes Boat Shoes”

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"Oh Im So Old School"

Ok these are not “HERMES BOAT SHOES” but when I saw the image of these new Kicks from the Converse Jack Purcell line, the first thing that came to me was that classic Jay Z lyric…

“Lampin in the Hamptons, the weekends man
The Stan Smith Adidas and the Campers
Or playin guts on the cruise, Hermes boat shoes
The Izod bucket on I’m so old school”
That Ni$$a Jigga

“Loungin In The Hamptons, The Weekends Man”

Is it me or are these joints kind of hot?? It is me or might Diddy be rocking these? Is it me or will Diddy BE rocking these this summer while in St. Tropez with his man-servant Mr. Bentley shielding him from the Mediterranean sun with a Louis V umbrella?

Yes that’s the Louis Vuitton LC ARC EN CIEL UMBRELLA

(Shout out to my mom for giving me the LV bug)

These Converse Jack Purcell are def taking on a nautical theme, Converse drops a new rendition of its classic Jack Purcell Ox. The kicks feature a mostly white base, complimented by navy flag detailing throughout the uppers with a multi-color flag motif on the clear outsoles.

Summer is coming!

as Jay says……. “Who is this Hot?”

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