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Tanuki Tavern NYC –

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Tanuki Tavern NYC

Skip it and go to Benihana!!!!!!!!

I had the pleasure of getting together with a big group of friends this past Saturday Night at the Tanuki Tavern. The only thing interesting about this spot is that it’s located in the Gansevoort Hotel in the heart of the meatpacking district, so there is plenty of action as soon as you step outside. Inside I was not too impressed.

They stuck my party of 7 upstairs in the deepest corner of the restaurant. Now for me personally, when I go out to these spots, half the fun is the people watching. The only people I got to see were the other 6 in my party (check that..5 if you count my sister who has her own unique concept of time) So literally I could have been almost anywhere, I got no sense of the decor or even what type of crowd was there that evening. My buddy Oliver put it best when he said “It’s like they knew we were going to be the loud, obnoxious bunch when they stuck us up here”

Anyway the food was fair at best, a little too heavy on the spicy mayo which appeared to be on everything. I have little more to say about the Tanuki Tavern because my experience there was truly uneventful. I was more curious about what was happening across the street at Bills Burger Barn or whatever its called..

All that being said, here is the what the Tanuki Tavern website states:

“Tanuki Tavern, a Japanese gastropub and sushi bar in the heart of the Meatpacking District, takes its name from the mischievous and jolly creature of Japanese folklore while the atmosphere draws its inspiration from a Japanese izakaya. With its light wood interior, glowing paper lanterns and eclectic indie soundtrack, Tanuki Tavern’s casual and convivial vibe is great for a quick bite, leisurely meal or late night snack.”

DE LORENZO’S Tomato Pies – Trenton NJ

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If you happen to be in TRENTON  New Jersey anytime soon then you MUST stop by the legendary DE LORENZO’S TOMATO PIES. This spot is the definition of OLD SCHOOL! This is more than a  pizza place, it’s a pizza institution , albeit a pizza institution with no public restroom (more on that later)

DE LORENZO’S was a favorite of my Uncle Bobby , who swore up and down that this was the best pizza on the planet. My Uncle Bobby was right on the money.

But at De Lorenzo’s you are not getting a pizza pie, you are getting a Tomato Pie and there is a difference. The secret recipe is so old it dates back to 1936.

In 1947 “Chick” De Lorenzo opened what would become a real  Trenton NJ landmark location and 63 years later, the De Lorenzo family is still making those sweet Tomato Pies (now at two different locations)

Chick & Sophie De Lorenzo 1951

But you must go to the original location at 530 Hudson Street,  if for no other reason than there is NO MENU. They sell only delicious Tomato Pies ( no slices) But who needs selection when you have wonderful Tomato Pies to eat right?. The spot is so small you literally eat in the kitchen, which is just fine. Being only a few feet away from an oven as old as Moses and a rotary telephone that still rings like its 1947, its a bit like eating in a time machine. Famous italian legends grace the walls (they had me with the classic pictures of Joe D. and Yogi eating at the restaurant)

Oh and yeah there is no bathroom for the public. De Lorenzo’s is so old, that the law actually does not require the restaurant to have a restroom. That is OLD SCHOOL. But do not fret , there is a lovely train station close by with a more than adequate Mens room.

De Lorenzo’s Tomato Pies is thin crust at its finest, as the saying goes:  “Trenton Makes, The World Takes”

Trentons’ De Lorenzo’s is worth taking.

P.J. Clarke’s

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915 3rd Avenue

P.J. Clarke’s is over 125 years old and its a certainly a pretty cool NYC landmark. I hit the Lincoln Center location on my UWS excursion this weekend.  On a cold and shiny New York Saturday , I warmed up with the New England clam chowder and finished with some oysters on the half shell. I just really enjoy the decor and historical aspect of P.J. Clarke’s. Its what I picture a bustling New York circa 1924 to be like.

Now of course the real landmark is the 3rd Avenue location. The history of what is dubbed the “Holdout Building” is very interesting . Check out the story at the P.J. Clarke’s website.

Regardless of the location you hit up, have the cheeseburger…its a classic!

P.J. Clarke’s established 1884!!

The Heart Attack Grill (The Nurses)

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You Got Fries To Go With That Shake?

I forgot to add that the “NURSES” really care about the “Patients” at the HEART ATTACK GRILL

The Heart Attack Grill

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The Menu

The Heart Attack Grill….Fat People Eat For Free!!

After the Superbowl feast I prepared yesterday,  and it was a FEAST!!!  For some reason Fara and I decided it would be smart to throw on the Travel Channel   and watch a little “Man vs. Food”

Fortunately I happened to put on the travel channel a few minutes early and caught some other show about eating in Burger joints (the name of the show escapes me.)

But what does not escape me is the burger joint highlighted on this particular evening.   “THE HEART ATTACK GRILL”

Ah yes “THE HEART ATTACK GRILL” is a very real restaurant located in the booming metropolis of Chandler, Arizona. This joint is a hospital themed restaurant where your waitress is a “NURSE” your orders are “PRESCRIPTIONS” and the customers are…well what else “PATIENTS”

The menu includes “Double” , “Triple” , and “Quadruple Bypass” Hamburgers The Quadruple weighing in with 8000 Calories!! The “Flatliner Fries” are cooked in pure lard. And if the massive killer burgers and death fries are not enough, they also sell Unfiltered Cigarettes and Jolt Cola.

But the real kicker is this. If you weigh over 350 Pounds….YOU EAT FOR FREE!!!

Ok granted I just got a full physical and my doctor instructed me to work out, diet and just be mindful of my health in general, but if I happen to find myself in Chandler, Arizona..I am having the “QUADRUPLE BYPASS”

The HEART ATTACK GRILL was Founded in 2005 by Cardiologist Dr. Jon Basso .

Dinner at Co. (Company)

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Great Pizza

Last night I had the opportunity to have dinner with the THREE BEST FRIENDS at Co. (Company).

Co. is a cute little 54 seat spot in Chelsea. The menu basically consists of a variety of EXCELLENT personal pizzas. The pizzas are 11 inches and round. There were 4 of us and we shared 3 pizzas and a wonderful meat tasting plate as an appetizer. The decor is mostly wooden,  communal tables allowed me to sit next to some hipsters from Williamsburg and an intensely involved couple (seated so close I could have hugged both groups) .  Co. has some interesting NYC micro brews on tap.  The combo of  Classic Tribe Called Quest and Inxs on the speakers gave this place a very  laid back vibe. I certainly recommend stopping in for a pie or 3!!

As New York Magazine puts it  ” Not exactly old-school pizza, but the undeniable mark of potential pizza greatness.”

Co. is owned by Jim Lahey of Sullivan St Bakery

Dinner at Joel Robuchon

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Weekend Review Jan 30/31

L’ATELIER de Joel Robuchon


Saturday Night I had the pleasure of a wonderful family dinner at L’Atelier De Joel Robuchon, I have visited the Paris location on a bunch of occasions, but this was my very first visit  in my hometown. The New York version is located in the Four Seasons Hotel. We were fortunate enough to score seating at “THE COUNTER” which is a must. Getting to see the skilled chefs prepare these amazing dishes is certainly a treat.  It is safe to say that no one in my family went hungry Saturday night. I myself had some wonderful Kobe Beef cubes which were some of the tastiest I have ever had. I followed the cubes with what might be the most interesting “Sliders” I have ever had. This was no basic burger, a delicious meat paddy with an exquisite piece of Foie Gras on top…thats right I said Foie Gras. After my first two dishes by all rights I should have been satisfied, but I wanted more and I decided on a very light…lol…Spaghetti Carbonara. To say that I was full after that would be the understatement of the year. The rest of the family had desert but at that point I had reached my limit. What an amazing dinner. I highly suggest stopping in and make sure to get a seat at the counter.

Get  a seat at the counter