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Shawn Stussy – S.Double

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Shawn Stussy had a profound effect on my adolescence.  Stussy did not have th greatest distribution in the late 1980’s and early 90’s. And  living on the east coast in NYC did not making finding Stussy any easier. For me this was the golden age of skateboarding and  really the birth of the street/surf/skate wear industry.

On the Upper West Side there was jean store called Pandemonium that would occasionally have some cool Stussy Tees. Eventually Union opened in SOHO and all my Stussy dreams came true. I would hop on the Lance Mountain Powell mini and shoot down to the shop in hopes of finding that Stussy Chanel Logo Tee or the infamous “Hood” tee (Compton, The Bronx, etc) The beauty of the Stussy brand was that because it was hard to find, if you had the gear it seemed like you were up on something that all skater kids jocked but not all could find.

Eventually in I believe 1991 the first Stussy store opened in SOHO and I had to have it all, I can recall fondly walking into that shop (which was located across the street from where the Apple Store SoHo location is currently housed, at the time the Apple Store was a post office if memory serves me.) Anyway I remember walking into the Stussy store on the day it opened and they were playing DAS EFX on the sound system. The Shit was just perfect.

And who can forget the incredible Stussy print ads from Thrasher Magazine and Transworld. Classic Material. (But that is for a whole other post)

S. Double New York Tee

Fast forward to present day and the Stussy company is no longer owned by founder and lead designer Shawn Stussy, but the flyness still remains. And Shawn Stussy has not stopped delivering the goods either. His line called S. Double (S.hawn S.tussy) is pretty fresh. I don’t have any pieces myself, but I will be on the look out. You should too!

Mike Vallely Iphone App

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Mike Vallely never stops and his new iphone/ipod touch app is no exception.  The Mike V “Do or Die” iphone app is perfect for skaters (and former skaters) to get their shred on when they just cant get grab their deck and roll , like at work for instance (LOL)

Now I am a bit biased when it comes to Mike V and anything branded with his name, but this app is the real deal. I have tried multiple skate apps for my touch and this is the best and most realistic I have seen to date. Roll over to the Mike Vallely dedicated site for the app for more info or simply hit Apple and dload .

Lets be honest who deserves an app more than Mike Vallely!

Check out the trailer for the app…

In other Mike V news , it seems like the good folks over at Powell took my suggestion (and I am sure thousands of others) and chose to go with the Black colorway on the Mike Vallely Elephant Re-issue deck.  Yes I will be grabbing this deck for the collection and yes it will be my 5th colorway for this model.

It’s a classic so cop it!

Mike Vallely Powell in Black

For everything else Mike Vallely related just hit up the site at Mike Vallely Dot Com!

Mike Vallely..True Skater For Real!!

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Mike Vallely is the TRUTH!!


If you started skateboarding around 1987 or so, then you certainly remember how out of nowhere an east coast street skater named Mike Vallely seemingly fell from the heavens and made all us NY skaters feel like one of our own had made it. At the age of 16 Mike Vallely was officially sponsored by Skate powerhouse Powell & Peralta. Now Powell at the time was without equal , their decks and more importantly the skaters who comprised the Powell team were THE CREAM of the crop. Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero , Tommy Guerrero , Mike McGill, Rodney Mullen.

To be sponsored by Powell in 1987 was like playing for the 27 Yankees. These guys were Murderers Row and they had the videos to prove it. “The Search For Animal Chin” was nothing short of groundbreaking for skate videos at the time and its where (if you watched closely) you got your first glimpse of Mike V. But what really propelled Mike V.  into the public skate consciousness was his part in the 4th Powell Peralta video “Public Domain” Mike had scenes skating in NJ, Washington DC and New York City. Being from NYC and finally seeing a skate video with some coverage in our city was a definite thrill and I have had Mike Vs back ever since. I can still picture his turquoise “Elephant Logo” shirt and matching sky blue Airwalk sneakers..ahh the memories

Mike Vallely skates hard , skates fast and is still going strong. Below is a great video doc with Mike visiting the legendary Brooklyn Banks and speaking on his experiences as an east coast street skater.

My Favorite Deck Design

Powell & Peralta Re-issue Mike Vallely “Elephant” Deck In New Colorways!!

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Mike Vallely Re-Issue Coming Soon

The Black Is Fresh!

Mike Vallely has always been my favorite skater, his infamous original signature POWELL model the “ELEPHANT” design is legendary in skate circles. I currently have three of the original decks in three distinct colorways hanging on my wall at home.

This morning I woke up and checked out my handy FUELTV app on my ipod touch, to find out that the legendary skate company POWELL & PERALTA are doing a re-issue of the classic Vallely deck and allowing us , the fans, to choose the colorways. Personally I want all of them!

Vote on the Mike V site for you favorite color!!