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“SHAKE” Remix GAME feat TRV$ Barker

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Thank You GAME

Ill keep saying it until I cant stand to hear myself anymore, this song is fire. GAME crushes and Travis, well you know what he does, just bangs the hell out of those drums. The kid can play.

Trav and Game

Off the new GAME & DJ SKEE “RED ROOM” Mixtape (which by the way is also COMPLETE fire front to back)

Click the link and enjoy. (Courtesy of NAHRIGHT)

\”Shake\” Remix by Game feat TRV$ BARKER

You know where I am at : Matthew Marcus or Matthew Marcus choose one!

The Man Purse Debate

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"Its A Satchel"

So I am walking into my building yesterday and I see one of my door guys who I always talk to. The conversation is pretty standard for tenant/ building personnel relationships, Sports and women (not  always in that order depending on who happens to be in the lobby)

Yeah I Rock what????

But as I am beginning to make my way for the elevator my buddy/door man says……

“Whats with the man purse?”

Now my very VERY first thought was of Zach Galifiankis from “THE HANGOVER”  :

Click the link to hear the audio

Indiana Jones Wears One

Phil: You’re not really wearin that are you?
Alan: Wearing what?
Phil: The man purse. You’re actually gonna wear that or are you guys just fuckin with me?
Alan: It’s where I keep all my things. I get a lot of compliments on this. Plus it’s not a man purse, it’s called a sachel. Indiana Jones wears one
Phil: So does Joy Behar.

But then I started thinking does my Louis V messenger bag look like a man purse, is it actually a man purse?

Now I am pretty comfortable with my ability to rock the LV and pull it off just fine , but clearly the haters are everywhere, even in my own building. Clearly there is an ongoing  debate regarding the Man Purse because I found a website dedicated to the subject .

Oh then I realized this site has a very clever name particularly for baseball freaks like me, the site is called THE SATCHEL PAGES (Satchel Paige being the oldest rookie to ever play major league baseball and one of the earliest players to break the color barrier

But I digress.

Please note the only reason I wrote this post was so I could use the word SATCHEL and reference “THE HANGOVER”

Thanks for listening.

“Shut Em Down'” by Public Enemy ( Pete Rock Remix )

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Pete Rock Invented the remix before Puffy invented the remix, simply put. Just check the discography.

This PE track is just hard and  politically charged classic Public Enemy ,  but smoothed out with a great Pete Rock verse, and dont ever sleep on Pete Rock. The man can clearly produce with the best of them , but my man could rhyme as well.

"Another Pete Rock Remix"

The Pete Rock Remix Track List is like an early 90’s billboard chart, House of Pain, Run DMC, PE, Mary J, Madonna..and do you remember an obscure MC named A.D.O.R.E….lol

When Pete was at the top of his game, he was always in demand and rightfully so.

Its all about those horns man…..enjoy the track!

He Was A Retard…..

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He Was a RETARD!

The Hangover \”He Was A Retard\”

Click Link for Soundbite!!