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“Reminisce” Fiasco

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I remember sometime around the late 80s when I was already years into being a hip-hop addict and my father asked me “Matthew, dont you think this hip-hop thing is just going to be here today gone tomorrow?” and I was like no way, this genre is here to stay”…of course I was only 12 years old so I doubt i actually used the word genre.

In any event hip hop has been around a long while now and with the passing of time songs that were new in 1992 are now 20 years old and some of those songs, in fact most of those songs are long forgotten. But every now and again the music gods smile on a super talented producer and a gifted MC and classics are born, classics that will still sound great 50 years later, classics that should NEVER EVER be touched.

So today as I am doing my daily scroll on Rap Radar or Spotify etc, I came across the latest single from Lupe Fiasco titled  “Around My Way”

“When They Reminisce over you my god”

The beat dropped on his new single and within seconds so did my jaw….I swear it dropped all the way to the damn floor, I was appalled.  Is it possible that my ears were deceiving me?…Lupe Fiasco has committed what I consider to be the cruelest form of music blasphemy. He not only sampled ,  but basically straight jacked what might be the greatest beat on perhaps what might be one of the all time GREATEST HIP HOP SONG of all TIME…..He Jacked “T.R.O.Y” also known as “Reminisce”  by the legendary Pete Rock and CL Smooth. This song is such a timeless perfect classic, you simply do not touch this…EVER.

And Lupe being a real student of the game HAS to know better!!!!…..shame on you Lupe!!!

Step your game up son.

Cocaine 80s…

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Cocaine 80s…

James Fauntleroy, No I.D., Common and Makeba Riddick, better known as Cocaine 80s, drop a new record called “Queen To Be.” These guys really know how to craft some amazing music, and this record is no different

AJKO is back!!!

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Great news from the land of Air Jordan…on June 2 the Air Jordan 1 “AJKO” will be re-released in two new colorways , Black/Red and “Black Toe” … The last time the AJKO dropped I personally missed the boat on them. I am hoping that does not happen again, as with all sneaker heads , keeping abreast with the most up to date info is key!!! For more info hit up the crew at

Literary Crack Dealer

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  • Thats Chris Rock..Smokin Rock!

  • It came to me in a flash, James Patterson is a literary crack dealer.

    I repeat. James Patterson is a literary crack dealer. So how did I start my new year on the reading front in 2011, with a nice healthy serving from the dope man.. “CROSS FIRE” the latest fix from Mr. Patterson was my first read of the new year. And as with any good crack fix, the high came quick , fast and strong and before I knew was gone.

    The latest release!

    So I am gonna roll with that analogy for a while and in so many ways its perfect. The latest James Patterson offering “Cross Fire” was released in December of 2010, just in time for the heavy shopping season and holidays. So say if we were talking about John Grisham for instance, that would have most likely been his lone release for the year, at most his second.

    The Product

    But not my boy JP. No, when Patterson released “Cross Fire” last month, it was his 9th release of the year. NINTH! I do not think I am going out on a limb when I say that most people dont read 9 books in any calendar year of their lives, so how the hell is this dude WRITING 9 books in a year.

    Nino Brown

    But much like Nino Brown in New Jack City, you change the product and in turn you change the market place. When the Cash Money Brothers switched from cocaine to crack and Wesley Snipes took over the Carter, well..lets just say the drug habits of those Harlem Residents changed forever.

    Dope Man

    James Patterson is no different. He writes page turners with small words, huge fonts and story lines that read like nursery rhymes. You would be hard pressed to remember any details of any patterson book not 2 minutes after you have completed it, and lets be dont remember your last hit of the rock either.

    So with this new product, Patterson fans can get their fix almost monthly with a new release. Patterson has three flagship franchises  with characters ALEX CROSS, LINDSAY BOXER and most recently MICHAEL BENNETT and he even spatters in a few other releases just for good measure..including an annual BEACH SPECIFIC book.


    So at 350 pages per book and 100 words per page, your pretty much in and out of the crack house in two to three hours max, that is easy reading. And that is why James Patterson is by far the most successful author on the planet. We live in a short attention span world now and Patterson is the author that is slinging the most product.

    Alex Cross

    “Cross Fire” the latest Alex Cross novel was fun and of course quick. Detective Cross certainly has an active career catching criminals and seems to have bad luck (in every book) but thankfully manages to live on and fight another day, and thank G-D for that!

    James Patterson Dot Com

    The January Myth

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    I have not posted to my blog since August 5th 2010.

    That is a nice , solid stretch of time. But the truth is that I thought about posting to my blog , I just never did. In fact I think it would be fair to say that I actually thought about posting almost daily. The beauty of blogging is that the entire world is your subject, there are no boundaries. But it is just that freedom that can drive a keen life observer like myself… MAD!!!… and in turn lead to that dreaded foe that we all face…Procrastination.

    To Procrastinate is : to defer action ; to delay.

    So as I struggled to choose one topic to kick start my blog and more to the point, kick start myself into writing again, the very thing that was keeping me from writing, my own crazy bout of procrastination would serve as my subject.

    And the timing of my literary rebirth is no accident, like so many other people I wholeheartedly buy into the myth we all call JANUARY.  January 1st, the new year, a new start  a new start at work, at the gym, a new start on your relationship etc etc.

    When January rolls around the calendar and society and that little voice in your head tells you..its time to face the music.

    Time to work off the holiday weight..both mental and physical. Time to sharpen the mind and reduce the waist line.

    Simply put its time to get your shit together.

    And it is truly in the spirit of getting my own shit together that I return to the warm embrace of my blog. My New Years Resolutions are pretty know hit the gym, lose weight, go back to karate, time with family etc..

    But I must say that my blog was really high on that list, maybe the tops. I have missed writing a lot and thankfully the myth of January and the end of my procrastination has given me the strength to get back after it.

    So hopefully this will be the first of many posts in 2011!!

    I mean I spend almost every waking hour of my life admiring the sound of my own mental voice, I might as well share that with the ones I love!!…lol.

    Happy New Year!

    Jay Z & Eminem on the YES NETWORK!

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    Jay Z & Eminem on The Yes Network

    Jay & Em

    It is a true rare occurence for the Hip-Hop Gods and the Baseball Gods to get together and create magic, but that is exactly what happened tonight. Now Judaism being my primary religion, baseball and hip-hop follow a close second equally. This is big least in Matthews World…

    So this evening while I was on the phone , I had the Yankees vs Detroit game which had just started on mute. My boy Oliver tells me that Jay Z and Eminem were spotted at the game together.

    Now its no big deal to see Jay at a sporting, he is always front row at the Stadium or court side at the Garden. I mean I saw Jay Z at the US Open last year. The man is clearly a sports fan. Now Eminem on the other hand does not strike me as a huge sports guy, but its possible he might take in a Yankees/Tigers game…you know anywhere the Yankees go, it’s the place to be.

    But Jay Z and Eminem together at a New York vs. Detroit game, cmon son…. something is up.

    Jay & Em Walk The Stadium

    And what is up is probably the concert event of the year.

    Jay Z & Eminem live together for two shows. The First show Sept 2 at Comerica Park in Detroit and then what will def be a serious historic event.. the first ever concert in the New Yankee Stadium September 13th. Now I can’t speak for Detroit but it New York that will be a massive affair.

    Jay Z spoke on it in the booth

    “These shows are like a dream come true,”

    “I’ve always hoped that hip-hop could play any stadium like other genres of music. How perfect is it that Eminem and I get to play our hometowns and show how far the live rap experience has come? Fun and historic — a great combination all around the board.”

    So of course these two being marketing geniuses announce the shows 4 months in advance, at a Yankee/Detroit game featured on both ESPN and the Yes Network. And it s genius that they made the announcement in Detroit rather than in NY. Jay Z with Em is his hometown just has the feel of a larger story than Em taking in a game with Jay in the Bronx. Makes perfect sense to me.

    But the highlight of this night is not the prospect of an incredible concert  4 months from now that I will most def be at.

    It’s that Jay Z and Eminem were in the YES NETWORK booth with Michael Kay and Ken Singleton. Its like two of my very favorite worlds colliding to make greatness. Michael Kay talking billboard charts with Eminem…..classic material.

    enjoy and click the link.

    Jay Z & Eminem On The Yes Network with Michael Kay and Ken Singleton….CLAASSIC!!!

    “Who Buys Their Car Bomb on Craigs List” (The JV Terrorists Part 2)

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    Junior Varsity

    Doesnt the logic go , that the real hard-core international terrorists, the real deal islamic fundamentalists , the I am gonna fly a commercial airliner into a skyscraper , or the I am gonna blow myself to bits  and take as many people with me on a double-decker bus in London never get caught……isnt that how these things normally play out……Why you ask?

    Well to put in plainly the Terrorists that get the job done almost never get caught because by the time the deed is done and they have killed as many innocent people as possible,  they themselves have been blown to kingdom Come.

    The Good terrorists don’t get caught because they are suicide bombers. Our Junior Varsity terrorist from this past weekends failed Time Square attack, was caught on early Tuesday morning (Monday night really ) trying to board a plane to Dubai with his eventual destination being Pakistan.

    So let me get this straight Mr. Faisal Shahzad , you were born in Pakistan, but are a naturalized U.S. Citizen. You attempted to remotely detonate ( or so its seems) a massive car bomb in the heart of Times Square, you were to chicken shit to actually just be in the car, make sure your equipment worked properly so you could meet your 40 virgins or whatever it is your crew thinks you get for being a Martyr, and instead of manning up and blowing yourself to high hell you go to JFK to hop a flight to Dubai.

    What do you think this is an episode of “Law and Order” and you have a shot at making that next flight out. If you are on American soil chances are we gonna get ya,That is what we do. Its called HOME COURT ADVANTAGE in SPORTS. Sure if you are hiding in a cave somewhere in the Khyber Pass, you might be a lot harder to nail. But when you buy a ticket to Dubai out of JFK like you are Alan Stanwick (from the wonderful and quite frankly under-rated film Fletch) We Got You. I mean this truly is Junior Varsity Terrorism at its finest… Dude pick another airport, rent a car and fly out of Charleston. This is like a really  bad  chapter out of a Patterson book.


    So now you’re in American custody, and although the FEDS would have much preferred to simply watch your movements  and see who you move with and in turn who your contacts move with, we were forced to collar you because you were leaving our borders. But have no fear, if you were this sloppy, your friends and associates will be monitored and watched and ultimately brought to justice as well.

    But in the interim Faisal…..


    Contact me at Twitter @mattmarcus74 or on facebook ….You choose!!