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The Freshness – Sport Styles of the 70’s & 80’s

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Magic 7up Ad 1982

The 70’s might very well have been the disco era, The 80’s was the decade of greed and excess . The 70’s saw the end of the Vietnam War and the first resignation of a sitting President. Our country needed to put itself back together after the tumultuous 60’s…and who would have thought a time of such distress, healing and change would produce the most stylistically amazing professional sports uniforms, graphics and product packaging.

Pro athletes of the 70’s and early 80’s just looked plain dope. And it wasnt simply the polyester NBA tight as hell shorts, or the rainbow colorways. It was the packaging and the birth of the mass marketing of pro athletes and endorsed products to an ever-expanding audience that would make for incredible images.

You remember Dr. J endorsing Converse and OJ Simpson pimping for Hertz and Dingo boots. The collection of advertisements, baseball cards, Kellogg boxes and so on featuring the icons of pro sports is an endless display of freshness.

The Freshness is a column dedicated to all those things “Crazy Fresh” from the world of sports from the 70’s and 80’s. I am here to spread the wealth.


We start with a simple 7up ad from 1982 featuring “Magic” .

It truly is quintessential Magic Johnson. The incredible smile, the clean 7up logo, the Magic Johnson autograph signature (as was common on baseball cards of the era, as if he really signed the ad) I see this and I just think damn, I need that on my wall. Freshness!