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“It Aint Hard To Tell” by NAS

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Nas circa 1993

Greetings on this Saturday morning.

The real heads know the first NAS track to really see the light of day was “HALFTIME” which was featured on the ZEBRAHEAD soundtrack (word to Michael Rappaport)

But for me this was the record, true New York Hip-Hop  straight from the QB.  Nas was so ahead of his time, a real poet.

5 Mics In The Source

New York really owned it in 1994, Wu-Tang, Biggie, & Nas…..

of course “ILLMATIC” will go down in history as one of the best hip-hop albums ever produced , 10 tracks…all bangers..but this is the record that started it all.

It aint hard to tell!!

“Dont Be Mad, UPS is Hiring”

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Happy Friday My People…Start your day with the Picasso of Posse Cuts!!

I always forget this is actually a Craig Mack record simply because BIGGIE slays everyone, could be the greatest opening verse of all time.

BIG, Craig Mack, Rampage, Busta and LL….Khaled could do a million posse cuts with Weezy Rick Ross T-Pain and T.I. and never touch this flavor.

Might be the best REMIX of all time.

“BAD BOYS, come out and play-ay”

“Cuz The Greatest of all time died on March 9”

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For me it will be one of those moments I will never forget, it was early on a Sunday morning in 1997 and after a long night of partying, i was not eager to hear my mother calling me downstairs and waking me from my very deep slumber. But it sounded important so I ran downstairs….”That rapper you love biggie smalls has been murdered”

Speechless. Shocked. I Needed to make calls, I jumped on the phone immediately, to all my people, Nahder, Oli, my sister, my friend Nicole,  my boy AB. …..wait wait,wait….. put on hot 97get a blank cassette… I need to tape the whole day. And I did tape hot 97 that entire day and yes it was real. The GREATEST RAPPER OF ALL TIME had been murdered.

For me personally this was a massive loss. Biggie was my guy, my Donnie baseball of rappers. Barely two albums into his career and he had changed the industry, and it was clear that he was the greatest…(despite what the westside thought)

We were only two weeks away from the release date of “LIFE AFTER DEATH” a double album masterpiece that should never have been his last work. But as far as legendary final albums go, I dare any to touch it. Simply said it can’t be touched.

And even though BIG was not alive to see it, the summer of 97 was “All About the Benjamins” was all about “Hypnotize” was all about “Notorious Thugs” was all about “Going Back To Cali” was all about “Skys The Limit” was all about “Kick In The Door” and certainly most definitely was all about “THE TEN CRACK COMMANDMENTS”

I miss him to this day and often wonder what his body of work would have felt like, cuz biggie really made you feel that shit, from the stories to the flows he had it all.


Ten Crack Commandments by The Notorious B.I.G.

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Greatest Hits – 2008 – 3:24

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