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“The Politician” by Andrew Young (Recap)

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Where do I even start, I don’t recall ever reading a non fiction book and shaking my head in utter disbelief with every turn of the page. The scandal surrounding one time Presidential hopeful John Edwards is nothing short of COMPLETELY UNBELIEVABLE. Before I even get into my deeper thoughts on the subject all I can say is that it’s a MUST read. The media has simply not done the story justice , but really how could they? Nothing short of reading this story can describe to the public , as the New York Times’ Janet Maslin states “the sheer freakiness of Mr. Edward’s hubris, ambition and dishonesty”

Let me begin by saying this, there are no heroes in this book, I dont feel bad for any of the players (with exception of the innocent child) who has a nut job for a mother and perhaps the KING of all dirt bags as a father. I pretty much think that they all have gotten what they deserve, if you read “The Politician” I believe you will agree.

The person I really want to start with though is the author. Andrew Young, thank god you cashed out with a “tell all”, because after reading your book Andrew, I think you are a huge DOUCHER and simply not that bright. Oh and your wife is no genius either, she should have left you from jump street. Blind loyalty is not an admirable quality, particularly when you are dealing with and covering for a man who was trying to win our lands highest office. Not to get high and mighty but you both should be ashamed.

But the story in a nutshell is just difficult to wrap your head around, in the book Mr. Young “Describes how he , hi wife Cheri; his children ; and Mr. Edwards pregnant girlfriend , Rielle Hunter , all moved in together, while Andrew Young allowed himself to be falsely named as the Baby’s father-to-be.” This adventure is as strange as science fiction.

What kind of person would admit to having an affair and fathering a child, all in hopes of landing a job in the white house, assuming this candidate could even weather the scandal.  “Young joked that he would deliver the Edward’s groceries in hopes they would some day spend 16 years in the White House-during a vice presidency and a presidency”

Andrew Young redefines the term FALL GUY.

But if for no other reason read this book so you can see the “astonishing degree of either cynicism or delusional thinking on the part of John Edwards”

America we dodged a bullet.

I, Alex Cross

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I, Alex Cross

I just finished the latest , well almost latest offering from James Patterson; I, Alex Cross. The next chapter in the never ending saga of Washington D.C. Detective Alex Cross.

People say reading Patterson is a guilty pleasure, but I dont feel guilty as much as I feel like  I could literally read another book while reading a Patterson book, like literally at the same time, and still be able to follow the Patterson story perfectly.  He does not require your full attention, and that is really what makes Patterson work.

But at the end of the day the truth is…. I am a CUSTOMER, if Patterson writes it, I seem to be buying it. To say that James Patterson is prolific is the understatement of the year. He puts out an average of 9 new books every year. Cmon 9 books in a year. I mean the print is huge and each chapter is only like three quarters of a page but one man can’t possibly write so much. And yet Mr. Patterson  continues to knock em out. He has three very real franchises within his repertoire; The Alex Cross Series, The Womens’ Murder Club , and now a series following NYC Detective Michael Bennett (father of ten).

According to a great New York Times Article about Patterson and his publishing empire, he even writes one novel unrelated to any of his signature franchises for release during the summer months, always murder and suspense and  always a plotline that takes place near the beach. That is all James Patterson requires to write a novel, the beach!

But again I can’t stop, and neither can most of my family. My guess is between my mother , my sister and myself, we each purchase at least one copy EACH for every one of James Pattersons’ releases. I was never strong in math, but at 9 releases a year, the Marcus family in 2009 bought 27 James Patterson hardcover books. And I am sure my dad was good for a Kindle download or two.

Your welcome James, keep em coming!

“The Politician” by Andrew Young

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“The POLITICIAN”  by Andrew Young

There is nothing quite like getting a nice package from Barnes & Noble. Normally my packages consist of the latest James Patterson and most likely a book about the American Revolution (yes I am a an American History Nerd) , but yesterday I was so pleased to find my latest purchase;  “The Politician” by Andrew Young.

In case you have been living under a rock or simply refuse to hop on the information super highway,  you know all about the John Edwards scandal. The more the story comes out the more incredible it becomes, and let me tell you this one has it all…Sex, Deception, Children out of wedlock, A cancer stricken wife, and of course at the center of it all, a run for the white house by perhaps the biggest dirtbag ever.

Andrew Young, a long time Edwards aide has written a tell all that I can not wait to sink my teeth into, apparently he tells the entire story (or at least his side) and reviews have said its nothing short of unbelievable! John Edwards is a truly one of the most salacious characters of all time.  Even the greatest of fiction writers would have trouble  making this stuff up.  I bet James Patterson wished he had come up with this tale , or wait scratch that…… Danielle Steel!!