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“New Orleans is a city that lives in the imagination of the world”

– Creighton Bernette

TV can be a great wonderful medium. Every few years a show comes along and elevates what television can be , and for the past ten years or so HBO has been delivering the goods. “The Wire” in my opinion was the greatest American TV series of our time. Clearly not all agree, as evidenced by the shows lack of Emmy Awards. So I was very happy to wake up today and read the LA times and their review of the new HBO series “TREME” (pronounced TRU-MAY). Only the pilot episode has aired and already they are calling for Emmy Awards , I hope they are right.

“Treme” is the latest offering from “THE WIRE” creator David Simon, and I could not be more excited about this show. “Treme” is the story of post Katrina New Orleans and is set 3 months after the storm hit. It has the complex story lines and a deep ensemble cast much in the same way “The Wire” did. But as crime and urban decay played a central role in “The Wire” , it is the music of New Orleans that is the central figure here.

I have been fortunate to spend quite a bit of time in New Orleans and with a best friend that attended Tulane University in college, I had the opportunity to experience the city with people who albeit were not natives but who came to adopt the city as their own. I remember well my buddy Oliver telling me about the Rebirth Brass Band, The Meters, George Porter and P-Funk. Most of these musical acts I had never heard of, but they were music royalty in New Orleans. When I hit my first Mardi Gras in 1995 I got to see them all , the vibe and music of that city was infectious. I understand what David Simon is going for in “Treme”

The first episode follows a fascinating cast of characters as they struggle to get back to normal and rebuild their lives after the devastation of Katrina with wonderful authentic New Orleans music weaved throughout.

If you have had any experiences with New Orleans you will love this show, if you have not,  but enjoyed the story telling genius of David Simon you will also love “TREME”

It’s a must watch.



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