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Literary Crack Dealer

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  • Thats Chris Rock..Smokin Rock!

  • It came to me in a flash, James Patterson is a literary crack dealer.

    I repeat. James Patterson is a literary crack dealer. So how did I start my new year on the reading front in 2011, with a nice healthy serving from the dope man.. “CROSS FIRE” the latest fix from Mr. Patterson was my first read of the new year. And as with any good crack fix, the high came quick , fast and strong and before I knew was gone.

    The latest release!

    So I am gonna roll with that analogy for a while and in so many ways its perfect. The latest James Patterson offering “Cross Fire” was released in December of 2010, just in time for the heavy shopping season and holidays. So say if we were talking about John Grisham for instance, that would have most likely been his lone release for the year, at most his second.

    The Product

    But not my boy JP. No, when Patterson released “Cross Fire” last month, it was his 9th release of the year. NINTH! I do not think I am going out on a limb when I say that most people dont read 9 books in any calendar year of their lives, so how the hell is this dude WRITING 9 books in a year.

    Nino Brown

    But much like Nino Brown in New Jack City, you change the product and in turn you change the market place. When the Cash Money Brothers switched from cocaine to crack and Wesley Snipes took over the Carter, well..lets just say the drug habits of those Harlem Residents changed forever.

    Dope Man

    James Patterson is no different. He writes page turners with small words, huge fonts and story lines that read like nursery rhymes. You would be hard pressed to remember any details of any patterson book not 2 minutes after you have completed it, and lets be dont remember your last hit of the rock either.

    So with this new product, Patterson fans can get their fix almost monthly with a new release. Patterson has three flagship franchises  with characters ALEX CROSS, LINDSAY BOXER and most recently MICHAEL BENNETT and he even spatters in a few other releases just for good measure..including an annual BEACH SPECIFIC book.


    So at 350 pages per book and 100 words per page, your pretty much in and out of the crack house in two to three hours max, that is easy reading. And that is why James Patterson is by far the most successful author on the planet. We live in a short attention span world now and Patterson is the author that is slinging the most product.

    Alex Cross

    “Cross Fire” the latest Alex Cross novel was fun and of course quick. Detective Cross certainly has an active career catching criminals and seems to have bad luck (in every book) but thankfully manages to live on and fight another day, and thank G-D for that!

    James Patterson Dot Com

    “Worst Case” by James Patterson

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    I can not stop reading.

    The worlds most prolific writer is at it again, well in fact by the time you are done reading this post James Patterson has probably already written three other books.

    “Worst Case” is the third book in the latest franchise from Patterson. This franchise follows the exploits of New York City Detective Michael Bennett, who is a widower with 10 (that’s right TEN) adopted children. But out of the three current super franchises that James Patterson has, the Michael Bennett series is certainly the strongest and freshest. Sure I enjoy the “WOMENS MURDER CLUB” which takes place in San Fran, but Patterson is already up to his 9th book in that series, and as far as the Detective Alex Cross books go, there must be at least 15 in the series. So at a minimum the latest franchise keeps its fresh and its nice to have a character that has New York City as the backdrop for all the stories.

    “Worst Case” is a fun read, the premise is simple. A mad man is kidnapping and killing the children of Manhattans super rich and of course chaos ensues when the bodies begin to drop. As usual with any Patterson page turner, you can knock this book out in three hours or so, but its worth the read.

    Michael Bennett is Patterson’s best new character and perhaps he can put Alex Cross on the shelf for a while and concentrate on the new guy, but knowing James Patterson that is just not going to happen.

    James Patterson Dot Com

    I, Alex Cross

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    I, Alex Cross

    I just finished the latest , well almost latest offering from James Patterson; I, Alex Cross. The next chapter in the never ending saga of Washington D.C. Detective Alex Cross.

    People say reading Patterson is a guilty pleasure, but I dont feel guilty as much as I feel like  I could literally read another book while reading a Patterson book, like literally at the same time, and still be able to follow the Patterson story perfectly.  He does not require your full attention, and that is really what makes Patterson work.

    But at the end of the day the truth is…. I am a CUSTOMER, if Patterson writes it, I seem to be buying it. To say that James Patterson is prolific is the understatement of the year. He puts out an average of 9 new books every year. Cmon 9 books in a year. I mean the print is huge and each chapter is only like three quarters of a page but one man can’t possibly write so much. And yet Mr. Patterson  continues to knock em out. He has three very real franchises within his repertoire; The Alex Cross Series, The Womens’ Murder Club , and now a series following NYC Detective Michael Bennett (father of ten).

    According to a great New York Times Article about Patterson and his publishing empire, he even writes one novel unrelated to any of his signature franchises for release during the summer months, always murder and suspense and  always a plotline that takes place near the beach. That is all James Patterson requires to write a novel, the beach!

    But again I can’t stop, and neither can most of my family. My guess is between my mother , my sister and myself, we each purchase at least one copy EACH for every one of James Pattersons’ releases. I was never strong in math, but at 9 releases a year, the Marcus family in 2009 bought 27 James Patterson hardcover books. And I am sure my dad was good for a Kindle download or two.

    Your welcome James, keep em coming!