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The Supreme Court!! “New York City Represent-Represent”

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Manhattan, Brooklyn , Queens and The Bronx

Great article in the NY Times about a funny little potential  factoid that will become an actual fact assuming President Obama’s’ Supreme Court Justice Nominee Elena Kagan gets confirmed by the Senate. Check this out…

Four out of the nine seats on our lands highest court will be occupied by home-grown New Yorkers, 4 of the 5 boroughs will be repped.  Elena Kagan is from the UPPER WEST SIDE..she must be confirmed.

We really do run shit don’t we?  Only Staten Island will be not repped on the court, but I am sure Meth , The RZA , Raekwon , and the rest of the WU TANG CLAN will continue to hold down that borough.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor has described herself as a Nuyorican who grew up in the Bronxdale Houses and later in Co-op City, where the talk of the neighborhood was that her mother had bought an Encyclopaedia Britannica. She was the valedictorian of the class of 1972 at Cardinal Spellman High School and became a prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office after attending Princeton and law school at Yale.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn; her father owned small clothing stores, and she was an editor of the newspaper at James Madison High School.

Justice Scalia grew up in Elmhurst, in what he once called “a really mishmash sort of New York,” with Germans, Irish and Puerto Ricans. He went to Public School 13, where he got straight A’s, and Xavier, the Jesuit school in Manhattan, where he was first in his class and was in the military program.


And then there is Ms. Kagan, whose father was a community board leader on the Upper West Side and who attended the prestigious Hunter College High School, Princeton and Harvard Law, later becoming its dean.

From the looks of it Ms. Kagan has a very  decent shot of going through the grueling confirmation process and coming out the other side a member of The Supreme Court…you know us New Yorkers rise to the occasion.

I mean I know we talk about Jay Z, Biggie, Jeter, The Yankees…but wow…the Supreme Court!

Upper West Side Baby!!!