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JWoWW Has Her Own Website!!

Posted in CELEB GOSSIP, Comedy with tags , , on January 22, 2010 by mattyfresh697400


Only in America can a reality show where its stars openly praise “GORILLA JUICEHEADS” and hear phrases like “I Love Huge Roid Heads” create real brands out of its shows personalities. Witness our girl JWoww, not only is she hocking calendars of herself on her website (of course) But she is selling a mystery juice to help women lose weight.

This Fucking Country is the best and I would be lying if I said I was not counting the days till Jersey Shore 2…Thanks MTV!!

Below is JWowws Bio, My Favorite part is that she “Studied” at a local university, cmon guys there is nothing wrong with saying COMMUNITY


Jenni Farley aka JWoWW was twenty one yrs old when she moved from rural upstate New York, to New York City. Since Jenni was Seventeen she was interested in computer programming and spent 3 years studying it. After fulfilling her desire to be a computer programmer, Jenni realized she had a passion for fine arts and graphic design. Shortly after finishing 4 years of study at a local university she opened her own graphic design business known as Jenni Farley Designs Inc. In early 2008 Jenni was appointed vice president of marketing for the well known social networking website.
Jenni always had a thing for nightclubs, but being the impatient & easily annoyed type never wanted to wait on the lines. It was the long lines, cold winters, and fake club promoters who think they own NY that got Jenni to realize that she wasn’t going to be like everyone else who had to wait or pay to get into clubs in the tri state area. After conquering the club scene on long island and much of Manhattans outlaying boroughs she realized she wanted to reach out to the rest of the country by telling her story through MTV’s newest reality show “Jersey Shore”.